Opera Mobile Available for Android Distributors

operadroidReported today in the Washington Post, the Norwegian Software company, Opera Software, is now offing a distributor version of Opera Mobile to Android distributors for the first time. This is a new version of Opera Mobile that is built on a cross-platform UI to give operators and OEM’s the ability to share the same user experience across multiple platforms. This new distributor version heading to Android can only add to the already 135 million smartphones that have been shipped with Opera Mobile.

For those of you that were a fan of Opera Mini 4, a newer version of this browser is said to be available for our favorite mobile OS ‘soon’. As having used Opera Mini 5 beta on a WinMo device, I can only hope that ‘soon’ actually means very soon!

  • Opera Mini 4 was absolutely unusable on my HTC hero. I uninstalled it within 10 minutes. There was no way i could enter the address in the field. I think it was designed for phone with hardware keyboard. I was impressed with Opera Mini on P1i but it was a major disappointment on HTC hero . Hoping for best with Opera Mini 5

  • danitamas

    I use Opera Mini in my Cliq/Dext and i LOVE it, much faster than Google's.

    What about built-in flash support? Does this Opera version have it?

  • n4i

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