The Roads Most Traveled – Rummble Brings Us All Even Closer

RummbleListAs the world got smaller with the dawn of Social Networking, our tools to share the wonders of said world are growing exponentially. Attempting to bridge the gap between utility and user interaction is Rummble for Android, the gps based local search/review app that incorporates the same ideal as the Rummble site with the potential contributors that make up the Android Army (i.e, us). With Yelp style search & review functions for local businesses mixed in with the Facebook-esque social mingling, this free program blends the best aspects of a multitude of services to bring a more personal feel to finding nearby hot spots.

Though only in it’s beginning stages -relying heavily on socialising to improve searches- this app has a pleasant, simple UI that tries to reinvent the way we experience life and the ways in which we can share our experiences with everyone else.