What Can Dell and This Man Do For You?

RonGarriquesThe computer manufacturing behemoth Dell announced on December 7th that they are set to restructure their business which will make way for a brand new Communications Department. The aim of the department will be focused on delivering an assortment of mobile phones to the public.

Holding the reins for the new mobile branch is Ron Garriques. If you are hip to the mobile communications sphere you may have heard his name before. He had a little something to do with a popular phone Motorola called the RAZR until he left Motorola for Dell in 2007. Bloomberg reports that the reason for the shift within Dell is to make up for lost revenue that they have seen over the last five quarters. Either way, I’m sure you will hear no complaints coming from AndroidGuys.

With one Android phone under their belt, it appears Dell has a soft spot for the OS and will begin to bring more phones to market in 2010.

Question: What can Dell and Ron Garriques do for you?
Answer: Affordable, stylish Android phones.

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  • I think what you will see occurring at Dell's mobile division under Garriques is the application to the cellphone business of the previously successful model that Dell applied to the computer business. You will see a web-based ordering process that will allow you to select which components you would like to have in your phone. Some of the choices would includes features such as the ability to select the processor or megapixel calibre of your choice, the amount of storage etc. This is strategically important because as Google Voice takes a bite out of the telcos in the year ahead, having the latest and greatest features will be the sole carrot with which the telcos will be able to tie people to their 2 year contracts. If Dell can offer these features and get the prices down so low that the 2 year contract is no longer financially required to cover the cost of the phone, it will change the industry in very interesting ways. That's the hunch, based on Dell's past. As Google knows, mobile is a huge market, but as Eric Schmidt said, it will be a brave company that thinks it can make money on the hardware side.

    • Kevin G

      That's really awesome insight… i hadn't thought of that before. I hope it is true. Could this be a potential candidate for the creation of the actual Google Phone?

  • newspeak

    If that actually happend it would be very interesting indeed …if i could build a phone to mt exact specs i would never need to keep track of phone releases again…….maybe thats not such a good idea afterall …t

  • johnkzin

    What Dell can do for me … is not a phone. A phone would be nice. Something like the HTC Touch Pro 2, with a 4.3" screen, dpad on the face, and android buttons on the face. But still tilt screen with 5 row physical keyboard. T-Mobile 3G, and lots of battery (lots more than the G1). But, that's not what I really want from Dell.

    I want Dell to do what it does: computers. Only with Android. I want a 9" or 10" Android tablet (or convertible tablet netbook), DVI-I out, 2 or more USB HOST/OTG ports, 1 mini-USB for charging/data, 1GB RAM, 4+GB SSD, full size SDHC card, the Firefox (not just fennec, but sure, include that too) port that Android x86 uses, pixelqi hybrid LCD/e-paper display, 3.5mm headset (maybe bi-directional for VOIP apps), wifi b/g maybe n, bluetooth, optional 3G, and LOTS of battery (8+ hours, even with wifi, bluetooth, and 3G on)

    I have more specs… if they're actually reading this 🙂 :

    phone/pocketable: http://johnkzin.livejournal.com/56078.html

    tablet: http://johnkzin.livejournal.com/55488.html

    • HA! I loved your last bit… wouldnt chrome be a better candidate for what you are describing?

  • Even i saw a dell cellphone on one websites i thought it would be
    fake, but after reading this i came to know that even dell is coming
    in this industry. Hope Dell does well and i will try one of the dell