October 23, 2014

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom. Another OS? There Ain't No Room.

Samsung-bada-open-mobile-platformOr is there? On 8 December, Samsung unveiled a new mobile OS that they will begin placing on select phones. The name of the OS? You guessed it, Bada.

In terms of the OS, Samsung states that Bada is an open platform, that aims to deliver an intuitive user experience through innovative visual design. According to the Bada site created by Samsung, “More and more people want the rich and connected application-experiences that are currently only available for smartphone consumers. Samsung has developed bada to make these exclusive smartphone experiences available to everyone.”

In an effort to promote the OS, Samsung has announced a series of Developer days, the creation of an applications store, and even a developers challenge. Sound a little familiar?

It remains to be seen how much of Bada is truly open and what will remain proprietary. Also one has to wonder if there is really a space in the market for such an OS and what will Bada offer that other operating systems like Android or iPhone won’t? Get it from the horses mouth at Bada.com and let us know your opinion. Does Bada pose a threat to our beloved Android?