First Thoughts on 2.0.1

verizon_droid_openAbout an hour ago I received an update to 2.0.1 on my Droid and I thought I’d go through a few of my first impressions on the update.

First and foremost I need to praise the update procedure itself. Prior to the Droid I had an LG Dare which was, in nearly every way, a terrible phone. The Dare’s update function was a particularly a disaster. For the one OTA update I received, it crashed three times trying to install, and eventually I was forced to take it into the Verizon store to have them do the update. But on the Droid, the update was absolutely painless. The notification window popped up, I installed and  was up in running in less than 3 minutes.

The most noticeable change to Android is the new lock screen. Instead of the rotary dial inspired unlock slider, the same two options are available but as stand-alone buttons that are slid across straight the screen. I think it looks a lot cleaner and more streamlined. The old rotary slider seemed out of place, and the new sliders fit Android’s aesthetic much better.

The updates to the camera are likewise fantastic. The autofocus doesn’t take nearly as long, and the time between shots is drastically reduced. The latter issue is especially wonderful, as the cool-down time was pretty ludicrous before the update.

The browser (though I have no hard data to back this up) seems faster, along with the rest of the phone. My notifications shade no longer hesitates when opening, and switching between the three home screens is much more fluid.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this update. It’s not huge in terms of the number of things it delivers, but what it does update comes as a very welcome gift.

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  1. Denzil
    December 11, 14:07 Reply

    Oh man…when will the Milestone come to UK networks :( On a different note any idea wether HTC Magic will be getting any of the newer firmwares? If so…what time frame are we looking at?

  2. @RyanBrackett
    December 11, 14:27 Reply

    I installed the update manually about 2 days ago. So far, I've seen quicker and more fluid response with the sliding panels in the phone and the camera is MUCH better. ALSO, I have noticed that my battery life is much better. I do think the browser is a little quicker as well. I know that some Overall, I think this is a great update.

    The Change log of Android 2.0.1 on Motorola Droid includes:

    * The OS stability is improved.
    * Battery life has improved.
    * Enhancements for three-way calling.
    * Audio for incoming calls has improved.
    * When receiving a call on call waiting, the speakerphone now remains on.
    * The Bluetooth functionality has improved and the background echo has now been eliminated. Bluetooth phone book transfer of contacts to in-vehicle Bluetooth solutions has been improved.
    * After closing a GPS application, the GPS icon will now automatically be removed from the notification panel.
    * Users can now receive SMS and MMS messages after an EMS message is received.
    * SMS and MMS may now be sent to any seven digit addresses.
    * Google contact merging has been updated to accommodate seven-digit numbers.
    * Visual Voice Mail notices now arrive instantaneously.
    * The corporate calendar widget user interface is updated.

    I found this list from here:

    Thanks for the article!


  3. Doc
    December 11, 15:25 Reply

    I'm hoping for a difference in battery-life. I use it pretty hard [damn thing is addictive], so I'll take any additional battery time I can get.

    • TimHarrison
      December 11, 17:55 Reply

      I'm not really in a position where I could run a stress test or anything like that, but now that i've had the update for a while, it does seem improved.

  4. Ron
    December 11, 16:03 Reply

    Mine seems to have a small bug after the update, the command buttons do not stay lit. They come on for about 1/2 second then go out.. playing with setting does not help! So far that is the only negative.

    • sean
      December 11, 16:49 Reply

      try starting the camera once. … for some reason my backlight on the buttons wasn't working after the update. and then i tried the camera and everything works perfect… coincidence maybe. i dunno

      • Ron
        December 11, 18:05 Reply

        Thanks sean, but no joy!! Even deleted any app that had to do with camera but still doesn't work right!

        • Davest010
          December 13, 19:13 Reply

          Ron – I noticed this a few times and thought it was a problem at first. In my case, it was that the light level was right at the borderline between lighting the keyboard and not, and the auto-brightness function was turning the button and keyboard lights on and off with no visible changes to the lighting. Try disabling auto-brightness and see if the problem goes away, or cover the light sensor with your thumb and see if the lights come on to stay.

    • Chad
      December 11, 18:39 Reply

      Get the Touchdown app from Nitrodesk.

  5. Jbone
    December 11, 17:16 Reply

    Haptic response when typing is inconsistent and faint when I have both "Haptic" and "Audio" responses checked.

  6. lordhong
    December 11, 17:18 Reply

    somehow it wiped out my home screen shortcuts and widgets, all of them!
    other than that, aesthetically the Droid UI looks much nicer now!

  7. Joe
    December 11, 18:26 Reply

    Has anyone else noticed that the battery power is now in 20% increments instead of 10%?

    Also, my screen seems to "wake up" slower than before.

    Other than that, I like the update and am looking forward to the next one in January!

  8. Jbmurphy
    December 11, 18:38 Reply

    anyone having browser scrolling issues? I have noticed and a bunch of others too that when scrolling on a website with lots of graphics it is very choppy and laggy.

  9. @j10jep2
    December 11, 18:54 Reply

    after 2.0.1 i cant log into the facebook app now a lot of my contacts are gone

  10. Donovan
    December 12, 01:53 Reply

    update is awsome.. didnt wait for the auto one, manual one works fine, uses same domain to download from as the automatic one.. so funny everyone is skurrd..

    +1 to everyone about it being better.. it is.. battery life, fluidness, speed.. just awsome.. im glad i didnt wait for the update or i may still not have it.. lol

  11. prowse
    December 14, 14:39 Reply

    One main (logically and probably) reason battery life may have been improved overall, is that the choice of having the screen stay on ALWAYS is no longer there – if not charging or using the usb cable. So when on battery only, the longest you can have the screen stay on before blanking is 30 minutes – should be plenty. Of course, when using an application that prevents sleep, the screen now does NOT blank (it used to UNLESS you had the screen on set to ALWAYS) even IF only on battery.

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