November 1, 2014

Control Your PC with Android Handset Using 'PhoneMyPC'

The developers over at have created an app that can control your PC from just about anywhere on your Android device. It works over both WiFi and 3G connections. First you install the application to your phone and then install on your PC. Create a secure password and your set!Snapshot from G1

There are four basic functions:

  • Use it as a wireless mouse and keyboard
  • View a snapshot of whatever is currently on your PC
  • View a live feed of your PC
  • Or you can interact live with you PC

There are also three advanced functions that include controlling applications, executing actions, and control access to other windows.

The most interesting part about PhoneMyPC, is that it  has multi touch zoom, which works on all devices. It also allows you to connect to three different PCs. This app is available on the android market for only $9.99.

Click here to read the full list of features for PhoneMyPC!