First Photos Taken On the HTC Nexus One Leaked

Nexus-One-Camera-2Thanks to Picasa, we now have photographs taken by the Nexus One, and while these photographs let us know that the Nexus One’s camera is a pretty good quality one, it also tells us a lot about the phone itself.

For one, a quick look at the image size says the phone takes photos at a resolution of 2592 x 1944, or 5 megapixels. That’s on par with some entry level point-and-shoot cameras currently on the Market, as well as Motorola’s Droid.
The EXIF data on the photograph also confirms two things about the phone- that the HTC name for it is indeed “Nexus One”, and that the phone (or perhaps even Android 2.1) will support GPS geotagging. The EXIF data says the photos were taken two days ago, at Google’s Santa Clara headquarters, making this a rather quick leak, and confirming the news that phones were recently given to Google employees. Knowing that the camera quality on the Nexus One is on par with the Droid, are you any more excited for it to be formally announced?

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  1. Sean
    December 14, 04:21 Reply

    you can geotag on android 1.6…so that is nothing new

    • santouras
      December 14, 05:23 Reply

      you can geotag on 1.5 as well with the Hero

      • Ryan
        December 14, 05:30 Reply

        Since launch (pre-1.5) the G1 has been geotagging.

  2. Rhettigan
    December 14, 04:21 Reply

    I would love to see a model phone which is basically the G1 upgraded with all the new insides. Keep the keyboard and the rollerball, maybe slim it down a little and make the wing slide stronger. No other Android phone has these.

  3. William
    December 14, 04:30 Reply

    extremely good quality for a phone. i cant wait until google releases this.

  4. 2GB SD Karte
    December 14, 05:08 Reply

    Thats really wonderful.As Android 2.0 phone impresses with a strong suite of Web features and a stunning 3.7-inch display.Eagerly waiting for google to release ….

  5. @NexusCellPhone
    December 14, 14:30 Reply

    Google will change everything if the phone is sold unlocked and cheap. One phone for every kid is next.

  6. james
    February 04, 14:32 Reply

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  7. Mutia
    June 15, 05:26 Reply

    love the nexus one.. its really cool.. and for a couple month indonesia only have the nexus one in stores..

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