The Nexus One is the HTC Passion

49323478-a45645d754d7cb120a052139047678c5.4b251b40-fullHot off of the tweets yesterday that confirmed the coming of the actual Google Phone, come these photos that were posted on Twitter last night by two different people.

@sansivar posted the photo you see here, along with the simple, eponymous “Google phone” caption, but the photo after the jump, posted by @coryobrien, not only gives us a  better look at the start-up screen, but the form factor that looks exactly like the leaked HTC Passion from a while ago.

Cory O’Brien also tweeted this shortly after his photo went up:

Google Phone = iPhone + a little extra screen and a scroll wheel. Great touch screen, and Android.

I’ve been rather staunch in wanting a new Android phone with a keyboard, but if the rumors regarding the Google Phone (also known as the Nexus One) are true, and it is indeed coming to T-Mobile, then I’ll probably be jumping ship on my G1 (it’s been a long time coming, buddy) and going with the Nexus One. It’s running Android 2.1, so not only will it be an update from the G1’s 1.6, but also an update from the Droid’s Android 2.0. The second photo is below. Tell us what you think of it in the comments!

We’ve done a little playing around with the known images so far and found the back of the Nexus One to be exactly the same as the HTC Passion that was leaked.  Everything is the same on the front save for the removal of the HTC branding.  The back appears to have the Android robot peeking out.


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  1. Rhettigan
    December 13, 20:16 Reply

    I would love to see a model phone which is basically the G1 upgraded with all the new insides. Keep the keyboard and the rollerball, maybe slim it down a little and make the wing slide stronger. No other Android phone has these.

    • Guest
      January 01, 20:13 Reply

      Well-said, Rhettigan! I thought I was the only one who appreciates having both a physical keyboard AND a rollerball/trackball on a touchscreen phone. The rollerball/trackball comes in so handy when navigating Web pages with lots of tiny links.

      Besides the G1, the Samsung Moment (Sprint) comes close to offering both of those features…the Moment has an optical trackpad (I think it's similar to what's on the newer Blackberries).

  2. ari-free
    December 13, 21:17 Reply

    is it a scrollwheel or trackball? 360 degrees is the difference It would be great if everyone else adopted this as standard, whether they have a keyboard or not since it is pretty much impossible to replicate the functionality on a touchscreen or keyboard.
    I would love to see fps games where you use the accelerometer for turning the 'head' to see around (up, down, left and right), the trackball for precise aiming and the keyboard or dpad for directional movement. And then you could use the touchscreen for picking up items that are close to you.

  3. @Oletros
    December 13, 21:24 Reply

    Please, launch it in Europe for less than 500 € and I buy it

  4. TareX
    December 13, 21:46 Reply

    Not so good looking (certainly not an "iPhone on beautifying steroids")
    No keyboard (I need it for emulators)
    No front cam (no video chat capability in the future)

    I think I'll pass.

    • Demi Adejuyigbe
      December 13, 23:04 Reply

      I can't name a single phone that actually has a front facing camera, so that would be a "future" limit for every phone released in the past. It's aesthetic is a matter of opinion, I guess, but with the exception of the bezel and color, it does look like the iPhone (near-full screen and single button). And as for the keyboard, the Android Market is rife with emulators (game & terminal) that work without a keyboard, since most Android phones don't actually have keyboards.

      Just sayin'.

      • michael
        December 15, 18:59 Reply

        Get a Nokia N900…. It's got everything

  5. Aerimus
    December 13, 22:20 Reply

    The home and the back buttons are also different between this and the passion leaked photos. You must have missed that when looking at it.

  6. Nasah
    February 21, 17:27 Reply

    I wish they upgraded the G1 as it has both a keyboard, trackball and touch screen.
    Unfortunately they stopped selling it as they wanted to release the G2 which excuse my language, is crap.

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