January 30, 2015

All Non 2.0 Devices Get Facebook Update

facebookFinally, all of us who don’t have a Droid get to have the newest version of Facebook for Android. When you open the application, you can choose which of the six different areas you would like to browse, like News Feed, Friends, or Photos. Viewing someone’s profile and pictures has gotten a lot smoother and faster, instead of taking you to the browser. There is still no Inbox or chat feature, the update seems to only match the Droids current app. The notifications work now, but oddly still send you to the browser.  Keep the updates coming Facebook.

If you haven’t received the update, you can check for it in the Android Market.


  1. Bernie

    Been using this for a month now. Got it from the leaked Milestone ROM a while back. One of the few apps that could work on 1.6.

  2. Jono

    ahah lol.

    I really hope the do integrate Chat & Inbox, and link notification internnally. Cmon, its your own app do it properly.

  3. bob

    Facebook's API doesn't support chat, so it's no one's fault except facebook. And it isn't just a link to the touch site.

  4. Thomas

    The headline is not correct as you can also find this app by using a Motorola Milestone which IS running 2.0. And it makes sense as the Milestone does not come preinstalled with a Facebook app. In this regard I don't understand Comment "Bernie" as there really is nothing in the Milestone wrt Facebook. Nichts, nada, rien, nix!!!