Gallery of Nexus One Pics Arrives



Engadget scored themselves a nice bounty this morning with nearly a dozen photos of the Nexus One standing still.  Nothing too super new here, just more confirmation of what we’ve already heard.  You’ll see that the background appears to be dynamic with moving colors that move around.  A button at the bottom of the screen brings previews of all (5) home screens in a look that mimics Palm’s webOS cards. The app tray also picks up a 3D effect which is definitely the attention to detail that we like! 


  1. Why are other sites reporting that this phone is going to AT&T when it clearly says Tmobile on the phone screen and why does evryone think that every top of the line android handset is going to a carrier other than Tmobile? How quickly people forget that Tmobile helped make Android what it is today & prior to October or November they were the ONLY carrier to offer Andriod. Whatever the creme of the crop Android handset is, it will always be on Tmible, just as it should. You cant forget the people who got you where you are today

  2. It was always known that Nexus One will be an unlocked GSM phone. There were no surprises there. It is already available with Tmobile. Verizon will follow suite soon too. AT&T though might just stay away until their exclusivity deal with Apple runs out. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.
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