Google Phone Support Page Found!


Engadget was reporting earlier that a quick start guide for the Nexus One was directing people to a website of “” which yielded a dead page.  One of our readers decided to play around with the URL and see if he could dig anything up.  He did.

As it turns out, swapping ‘phone’ and ‘support’ brings up a page that does reference Android.  In fact, after poking around in the source code, we also found mention of “help with other products“.  This is very interesting.  Could there be more than one Google Phone?  What other products are there that Google would even support?  As of now, there are none.  Maybe Nexus One is just the beginning of a much bigger roll out of Android devices.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Thanks to Ron Rezendes for the tip!

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  1. Chuck Falzone
    December 14, 19:03 Reply

    Well, "other products" probably just refers to Gmail, Voice, Blogger, etc. They regularly refer to their various services as products, for example on this page:

    "Visit the following Help Centers to find instructions and tips for the Google products you use…"

  2. jeremy
    December 14, 16:07 Reply

    Maybe it is going to be for any google branded phone. That would make sense. Since they are putting their name on some devices.

  3. Ryan
    December 14, 21:18 Reply

    Has anyone loaded in Chrome……. and used the search for nexus one or google phone.

  4. adoxos
    January 05, 01:22 Reply

    Both and are now up and running. There are private (locked) links for the Nexus one. Namely for Activation and Support.

  5. Jay
    February 26, 01:59 Reply

    that would be interesting if something else rolled out

  6. Zizi
    June 19, 06:09 Reply

    can someone help me for Nexus? I have “unlock bootlaoder?” on my screen .

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