Motorola Titanium – New Android Handset?

Rumors and Leaks on the Android space are running wild this weekend, first with the supposed GPhone being handed to Google employees and now with the details obtained from “leak source extraordinaire” the FCC.  This time, the government folks are tipping us off about a Motorola smartphone (IHDP56KT1) that is very likely to be running our beloved Android.

(courtesy of Engadget)

(courtesy of Engadget)

First Engadget reports that the FCC filing details the codename “Titanium” and that it features dual band CDMA, Quadband GSM, CDMA EV-DO Release A, and more.  What really pins this as a smartphone on Engadget’s eyes is the presence of WiFi (802.11b/820.11g) on the handset.  Being that Motorola openly ditched WinMo as a smart phone platform this is probably going to be an Android offer.

But what really ties everything together is CellPhoneSignal’s report.

(courtesy of CellPhoneSignal)

(courtesy of CellPhoneSignal)

They basically state the same features as Engadget (sans the Titanium codename) but where this guys really did their homework was by digging out that the battery this handset will use is the SNN5846A (1390 mhA), which is the exact same battery that only the Motorola Droid uses.  Oh, did you also notice this was a ‘bar’ phone?

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  1. Lisandro
    December 14, 20:43 Reply

    This this another Verizon phone? or could it be for Sprint?

  2. Grant
    December 14, 20:52 Reply

    So, could this be the keyboardless droid?

  3. Demi Adejuyigbe
    December 14, 21:57 Reply

    What really piques my interest is that "3GHz" in the top listing.

  4. Mark Humblings
    January 04, 12:03 Reply

    Is quadband a necesarry luxury? I mean the phone price at least double because of that alone

  5. Rob
    October 27, 10:08 Reply

    I happened to sit at a bar with a Verizon rep. who confirmed the Titanium Droid with me. He said it was “super fast”…He wasn’t a techie, but does own a Droidx said the new phone seemed faster. (for what it is worth)

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