Reuters: Nexus One Available Directly Through Google Website January 5

nexus_2Reuters is reporting that a source of theirs indicates a January 5th date for the Nexus One to go on sale.  They’ve been advised that it will be at a  “reduced price to consumers who agree to a service contract from Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA“.  Are we skeptical?  Sure.  It’s only a couple weeks away but whatever.  We thought it would be months before Google Goggles was ready and here it was rolled out days after we learned of it. 

We were looking through our comments from another post and found that the always-fun Charbax dropped by with some information regarding price.  We’re not sure were he heard it or how he knows, but here’s what he says…

Here’s the price: $199 unlocked in stores. $100 rebate online if you have an active and old Google account. That $100 rebate is either to buy it $99 online from Google’s online phone store, for using on Android Marketplace or for using on any Google Checkout stores. Can also be used for T-Mobile or AT&T pre-paid Data SIM card service at $29 per month, no contracts required.

Google will push full VOIP usage on these, meaning no voice/sms plans needed at any carrier. Voice calls will go through Google Voice on Data SIM cards and will provide unlimited free voice calling. And SMS is replaced by unlimited free Gtalk.

Finally, Google will provide easy roaming data services in other countries. For example, if you go to Europe, you can roam on HSDPA data networks for the same price of 20€ per month, and if you only stay in Europe for a few days you won’t need to pay for the whole month. You may not even need to change the SIM card.

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  • newspeak

    please let this be true….please let this be true

    that means a year more with tmo on my contract then switch to unlimited everything via voip through google voice

    • jake determan

      its 170 dollars locked with tmobile unlocked its 550 dollars what a jump

  • I want one!!!!!!!!

    • You always love google when it speak something really big and keep the hopes of people up, well in fact the only thing that makes the N1 phone phenomenal is it will be the 1st droid phone to be released as GSM unlock.

      Although, we are still crossing our fingers that added sauce will arrive as the days to Nexus One countdown reaches its peak. I must say the Android Swype on the walkthrough vid is pretty cool. Nexus One reactions:

      holy……… this is way toooooooo huge!! google is not google, it is jesus…

      • Roger Eddit

        this is not jesus. this is REAL!

    • Michal

      I wonder jus how "old" does your google account have to be? Anyone got any scoops? I am all over this.

    • Google FTW!!!!!!!

    • nate

      If this is true, my one year remaining dumb phone contact with Verizon will be done effective immediately, even if I have to pay $110, and I will have the gPhone day one.

      • vince

        me too

      • Brent

        It's unlocked, so you can use it with any carrier…

    • "Voice calls will go through Google Voice on Data SIM cards and will provide unlimited free voice calling."

      How exactly will that happen since GV uses cellular voice service, not data service?

      • richard

        Wrong it uses data.

        • Vladimir Kelman

          I think Kevin is right and Google Voice uses voice service, not data. That's why it was told that "Google Voice is not VOIP". The only hope is that Google bough Gizmo5.

    • I wonder if the GTalk will finally use your GV number. I don't get why you'd have to use GTalk though. GV has built in SMSing. Strange.

      • pdinc

        Yes, but gvoice smsing still routes through traditional cellular channels.

      • craig

        Gtalk is im, not sms. A lot of that green section doesn't make total sense.

        • Vladimir Kelman


          Charbax is known by his unstoppable fantasy (on Archos 5 forum)

    • Paul

      Google Voice is not a VOIP service. They'd need to get Gizmo integrated with it first if you'd want VOIP calling.

      • ray

        Well they did buy gizmo

      • Craig

        Right, and even if they didn't have it ready to go on Day 1. They are giving the users the opportunity to buy the phone at a price that is equal to the standard subsidized price. I'm assuming that means they won't have to sign a 2 year contract to afford the phone. Then when they can push their VOIP service, and no one has to break their contracts to get the cheaper service.

      • LEONARD

        I work allot in south america and my roaming bills are sky high is there a cell phone that provides VOIP

    • Probably why Google bought Gizmo5…

    • Can the data network provide the same level of calls while driving and stuff? Is it reliable?

      • kojak001

        Why would you be driving and talking anyway. Driving is not a multi-tasking task.

        • Arfdog

          Um talking while driving is much more productive. And actually safer too, since it heightens your awareness.

          • Mr. T

            Wow. You are so wrong.

        • TuxMeister

          Kojak, actually for people that handle a lot of calls in the car is quite an important question. And, there's a thing called integrated bluetooth handsfree that comes as a basic option in most the newer modles mostly all brands.

    • eYe

      OMG!!! If it’s full VOIP – I am so there, don’t even care how much it costs!!!!

    • seriously unbelievable. if this were true, i just would …. wow.

    • Too Good To Be True!!!

    • CJ

      how can it be 200 unlocked? the droid is like 250 LOCKED?

      • nate

        Because smartphones actually only cost about $200 to make. The rest is pure profit. Google doesn't care about making money off the handset, they want to drive you into using their browsers, etc., which generate big ad revenue. Also, they want to get into things like selling cloud based apps and storage space. In other words, they just want to get the sets in people's hands.

        • Craig

          Modern Day Robin Hood. Use the ad companies big bux to deliver better services for cheaper to the masses… That's a little naive, I know. But that is the image Google is going for..

      • DMAGIC448

        Because Google has more money than Moto & Verizon and there business model has shown that they are not afraid to lose money to make money

        • My Comment Box

          See the post above you. It is seriously true that for the most part, phones cost $200 or less to make. The rest is profit.

          • dans

            About $130 for your average smartphone.

    • Helebek

      Sounds like and April Fool's day joke. I hope its not :). Its too good to be true, unless Google wants a good revenge from Apple and ATT for not accepting GV app :).

    • Dr Jan Itor

      I'm guessing this phone will be US only, or have I missed something? Maybe Europe will get the Bravo instead?

      • Joe Cruz

        probably, since Google is based here in the US. HTC Brave could hit everywhere else.

      • ToX

        Supposedly, this phone will come with worldwide 3g radios. Supposedly.

    • para_n01d

      I’m waiting for the annuncement of a universal device that can be used on any carrier or on whitespace networks (e.g. one radio to rule them all and let me buy a data only plan from any carrier I choose). If that’s what will be announced, then I’m excited…

      • DMAGIC448

        Keep waiting buddy because the Fed regulators would block a move like tht from Google. they would create a monolopy no one could afford to break up

    • Gman

      i know these are just rumors but I cant tell you right now they don't sound at all legit, one of those the things that didn't make any sense was "And SMS is replaced by unlimited free Gtalk" okay if Google is pushing for Google voice usage as one of your primary means of communicating (phone calls, texting, voice mail transcripts etc) then why is this article saying that you will use gtalk as your unlimited SMS communicated……this doesnt make sense, you can text through google voice unlimited. gtalk is just an IM and not everyone has gtalk…i dont know just pointing out why this info is more rumors and speculations then some form of actual news…..

      • lomax

        Google Voice supports SMS (not sure about MMS)
        Guessing this is what it means.

      • freki44

        It could make sense. As I understand it SMS uses idle voice "channel" segments and GV currently uses the voice channel as well. If you end up getting GV with VoIP and just a data plan then what you're left with is just data usage. So you could probably still send out SMS messages through GV however they will then work over the data channel and be considered plain data… I can see how Google would probably prefer that you use GTalk which is all data end-to-end instead of them having to send true SMS messages on your behalf to any network.

      • you can sms using gtalk now…there's no difference…it also supports aim and icq.

    • Blue

      So since Iv had a Google account since gmail was invitation only, does that mean I could get this for 100$ total? I would love a more powerful phone to replace my laggy g1.

      • just some dude

        pricing is speculation at this point, but it will def be faster than our aging G1's, 1gig processor should be sweet.

    • A S

      "And SMS is replaced by unlimited free Gtalk"

      @Gman – WHEN Google Voice is integrated with GTalk, then GTalk becomes a much better sms interface than current Google Voice app (at least on my BlackBerry). Your smses will automatically look like conversational threads in GTalk. Most of the new features quoted above are possible ONLY if Google Voice and GTalk are integrated. If that happens soon, it would be AWESOME. We know such integration is inevitable sooner or later. So, you cannot conclude that it's all just rumors based on this quote.

    • saimin

      Where did this $29/month price come from? I don't see that number in any mainstream news articles.

    • khang

      i want one… i want one

    • just some dude

      im def getting one, but i gotta wonder data is spotty no matter where you are. how reliable will voice calling be. i mean will you have to stay in one spot. or can you move around.

    • do you not get the feeling this is all to good to be true. the package i mean, not the phone… if this is the dragon/HD2 or whatever, the price tag is way off anyway.

    • DMAGIC448

      This entire post is some BS. IT WILL BE A REGULAR PHONE PEOPLE!!! Before Google voice could power a handset, Gizmo5 wouldhave to be intergrated into the Goole ecosystem and I doubt they have done that in the months time that they have owned Gizmo5. So dream on commenters, dream on….

      • Rjj

        Gizmo worked with GrandCentral when it was beta, why would it still not work ?

        You sound like a iPhone fan boy.

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    • googler

      Sorry guys, that price is too good to be true. Really.

    • iceberg020

      Google is real whereas pricing and plan mentioned above are just speculation.
      Can't say much about pricing, but GV is certainly big and yes you can use GV for SMS (not Gtalk). Gtalk is more for your Google buddies.

    • joe

      This is absolutely amazing. This is a must have. Period. I've got an ancient account with them, so hopefully all is well. If able, I'm seriously considering getting more than one for $100 each.

      Pure VOIP eh? I hope GVoice runs over plain GSM with one or 2 bars. If it does, I'll drop my carrier faster than you can say "SIM card? I don't need no SIM card!"

      Perhaps this is where all their dark fiber is going to come in? Lease it to the carriers wholesale to help offset the bandwidth increase?

    • Beth

      Arg! Canada is left out in the cold. Google, I can see you from Vancouver! Canadian's such as myself would love to buy a Nexus 🙂

    • Guest

      no keyboard? all girlystyle? #donotwant

    • I generally don't support Google in their evil master plan to take over the world…but this is pretty bad ass.

    • If this is true, this gonna be news of the next decade!

    • Cervantes


    • Michael

      put some buttons on it and I'll get one.

    • Is this being launched in India??

    • If the pricing on this is accurate (and we'll see about that in a few weeks) I'm buying this puppy without a second thought. May even drop my Sprint SERO HTC Touch pro for this if it's that good.

    • bobby

      Charbax is not a reliable source, just spend a few minutes reading his posts at his Archos forum. Move along people…

    • Merced

      I currently have the sidekick pre-paid which is $1 a day unlimited data and SMS on t-mobile. I just pay for minutes. wouldn't be a stretch to have the voice use the data with VOIP and then all would be covered.

    • Tsk Tsk I Feel Sorry for all those who bet on BB and Iphone google is taking over

    • Looks like both /nexusone and /nexus1 return non-standard Google error pages. So they've reserved these URLs for something…

    • Jeremy

      I hope they come out with a CDMA version. I'm not switching to T-Mobile or AT&T.

      • just some dude

        not likely, verizon turned down google.

    • Karen

      A comment post is not a 'source'.

    • James

      Interesting and will definitely purchase it to see how it works out. The problem I see is that VOIP is great with decent bandwidth. T-Mobile's balance between 3g and edge is not great. I cannot imagine having to rely on a phone that needs a decent data connection to work correctly.

      That said, I'll buy it to try it. I wonder if it does work if I could root it and use it as a replacement for my g1! <grin>

    • Greg

      Gosh…the interwebs is so dangerous, things spin out of control so fast. Now people are say $100 no contract!?!? Keep dreaming. Spread the word please, a more reasonable price is $250 – $350 with no contract. If you can't afford that, guess what? You can't have it now, you will have to wait. A "unlocked", "no contract", "smartphone" for $100? Please be real with yourselves.

      • nate

        Google is not a phone company, they are a search and advertising company. What would be in their best interest is having an Android phone in the hand of every human being on earth, running searches, using Gmail / google docs, etc. These phones cost $200, or less, to manufacture. Google would profit more in the long term by giving these phones to people at cost. Further, if this phone were to be VIO, T-Mobile still gets to charge $40 a month for a data plan (who talks on the phone anymore anyway?) and takes market share. Sounds like a win for everyone (except Apple, Verizon, et al).

    • bjea

      The information everyone is commenting on is from someones comment. It has no source and seems to be just a guess by an individual with no affiliation to Google or anyone. Where's the sources people. Is this news?

    • Joshua Silfies

      This post is just speculation. mostly bullshit.

    • I love this article.

    • AJ Robins

      Google Voice has been gizmo5 compatible for a long time. It’s just that, in recent months (before the buyout), gizmo put billing restrictions on GV usage with gizmo5. Google would just have to remove the billing restrictions and, bingo, VOIP via gizmo/GV.

      However, this is highly disruptive to the carriers’ business plans, and they’d be insane to allow cheap, data-only usage. I’d guess that the carriers will either lock out these phones, or require expensive plans. Given how AT&T appears to be threatening to take away the iPhone’s unlimited data usage plans, I somehow doubt that we’ll see cheap Nexus One plans on AT&T, although I’d love to be wrong. I do hope the rumors are true, but they seem to be just too good.

    • So at current rates it should cost either 136 or 68 euros in Europe. I'm looking forward to reading which services we should expect here in Europe. As far as I can tell, Google Voice is still not active here. This seems pretty essential. Perhaps you guys could write an article about that? I'm pretty sure some of the 730 millions Europeans would like to read about it. Thanks.

    • Nanji

      That’s exciting news! Google always exceeds expectations! I have been waiting for something like this from Google for a long time…. Love to get my hands on this soon!

    • Jeremy

      So how much better is this phone than the g1 i already have since we dont have that much info on it

      • TuxMeister

        OLED screen, 1GHz processor, loads of RAM…. hmm much much better than the FIRST Android phone.

    • The price tag is too sweet, even if it's just a rumor. I wonder if it it'll be available for worldwide sales on Jan, 5th.

    • Hasib

      I think this is all BS.

    • He forgot to add in the part where Sergey Brin and Larry Page come over to your house and give you a foot massage every time you make a call on a Nexus. Throw in some stuff about Megan Fox or Natalie Portman (your choice) coming to your bedroom at night to make sure you're properly charging it up at night, and maybe mention a sweepstakes for one in every ten units sold to come with a ZR1, and this information would not be any less believable.

    • January 5th. That's my birthday. Nice day for Google to choose. 🙂

    • Google rocking again, need to crab a Nexus One.

    • TKD

      i think its pure BS….an unlocked phone with soo much for $199…

    • TKD

      most of android phones unlocked price stands at around $399,

    • Jason

      This phone looks to be very intresting! I cannot wait to see when it comes out. It seems to rumors are January 5th…

    • HTCFan

      The Nexus was just activated today on TMo USA by the spouse of a Google employee. The phone is absolutely gorgoues…..makes my Touch Pro 2 cry. Awesome screen, very, very snappy.

    • I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Grayson Peddie

      I'd definitely want to have Google Nexus One if it weren't for contract with Sprint (I have Samsung Ace with Windows Mobile in it).

    • Google never ceases to impress! Sure Apple came out with the first leading touch screen phone. But google is taking the lead by aggressively and rapidly developing. Despite being an apple computer fan, i'm going to have to go toward any android phone released. Much more customizable unlike the iphone.

    • klintonusa

      i wonder if the phone can be attached to a google voice account. i have one but don't use it much. it would be ideal!!!! no need to pay tmobile 90 a month anymore! 🙂

    • Sudomn

      Note: These are only the happy speculations/delusions of a dude names Charbax, no absolutely none of this is based on real news, or from google.

    • Google nexus one is already out … guy named paul from modaco has named it super boot … you can use it on your acer liquid …

      enjoy !!

    • I hate google stuff…

    • Shamantha Fox

      So many huuuge expectations, and it comes out at $530 unlocked, not multitouch, no tethering, onboard graphics and with 4Gb storage on an SD-card (yeah I know about the clouding, but I know where I want my data to be when someone stumbles in the wrong chord somewhere, and thats in M Y pocket).

      Im going for the Nokia N900 for sure: 32GB onboard storage PLUS the SD card, separate graphics processor and a Linux-based OS.

      • Altair77

        Better take an iPhone 3gs 32gb much better then the Nokia

    • karthik

      Check out my blog to know about the Nexus One..

    • isa

      operating system is very promising and besides the great features of operation are encouraged to test their performance is most characteristic view of this model here

    • Jay

      If you go to google/phone to buy one in advance and read a little about this phone, it is to good to be true. Under terms and conditions it says you can return the phone but then they attach several non-refundable fees some as high as 45.00 to return it if you don't like it. Also to buy without contract the phone is over $500.00. Really it is the same as iphone 500.00 without contract 200.00 with contract. I was very exited about this at first and now am very discouraged to find out the truth. Go to the website and see for yourself the terms and conditions. As of right now you will have to be through a carrier and without a contract you will pay a lot for this phone.

    • HHRR

      What do you have to say now

    • sn8k

      Like one user said, "too goo to be true" – IMO both from a technological and economical standpoint.

    • Now we know it is all just the same old BS.

    • Premchand

      I am looking for such mobile, I want to be the first buyer in India. Google is doing signs and miracles and the rest of the world just wonder….keep growing Google. but don’t betray the world…

    • larry

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    • larry

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    • mutheu

      Hey you guys
      Where and what shall i do to get a Nexus one and have it sent to denmark?


    • how can i get it

    • zee

      when will nexus one be instores?

    • larry

      send us an email at [email protected]
      For your nexus one

    • Guest

      The Nexus One is available in India on 20north… for around 33K

    • yvee

      can i use nexus one in zimbabwe?

    • yvee

      can i use the nexus one in zimbabwe?

    • Very good the nexus one

    • Where can I buy the Nexus One

    • Release it NOW!! :-]

    • This is a really good discussion! It is interesting that it has spanned over a few years and is still relevant. Thanks for the viewpoints – Happy 2010!

    • I like it!!

    • It is very good!!

    • welcome to see my websiite!!

    • julia

      If you already own Nexus One you may want to add Cases & Accessories with

    • Yes the selling of Nexus One is already started on Google & the market performance of it is very nice till the first week of February.Thanks for this news.

    • Google Nexus One with FREE Worldwide shipping @

    • Looks awesome. Will have to check it out.

    • 100 dollar rebate? That's a deal if you ask me.

    • how can it be 200 unlocked? the droid is like 250 LOCKED?

    • Whoo way to go Google. I can't wait to get Nexus 1. thanks reuters too.

    • Google really has an up with this considering they'll be the only ones offering nexus one.

    • seriously unbelievable. if this were true, i just would …. wow.

    • I love Nexus one go google

    • I agree they are the best! I want the Google rebate for the nexus one omg.

    • gimme gimme! that phone would be great to own

    • great post I need get get my hands on the nexus one.

    • it could be speculation.. as always

    • Go Google 🙂

    • For now Google has no need to kill the iphone. The smartphone market huge. They can dominate the market without killing the iphone. They will kill blackberry first before the iphone.

    • I still think that iPhone is better. Never the less I intend to try Android platform, just to be fair.

    • I very much impressive to read this article

    • I very much impressive to read this article

    • I like design smart and cool.

    • mel

      wooow… i want it…. T_T

    • $29/month price come from? of course from their manager

    • i always dream of a phone just like this.. 🙂

    • Google Voice is not a VOIP service.Whether you to rip, convert, transfer or copy a dvd to avi to AVI, MP4, WMV, XVid, DivX, MPEG-4/2/1, FLV, M4V, RM, 3GP, MKV, ASF, MPG, MOV, VOB and H.264 / AVC Format or extract audio to MP3, WMA, M4A, WAV, AAC, RA, AC3, and OGG on your computer, cell phone, media player or gaming console, the TouchUp dvd rippers will provide you with the necessary tools for an enjoyable converting experience.

    • cool, google nexus 1

    • waw,
      very cool..

    • i willl buy one.. 🙂

    • i want one, but i had iphone now.

    • Ohh. really like the design 🙂
      Wish I could have it one 🙂

    • eco

      good news…

    • it has agood designed,, iwanna have it,,

    • i really want this phone. just one..

    • I want it!

    • Though it is natural to be skeptical about the new development, it is Google Website and its vast network would sure to work towards extending the facility in other countries so far roaming is concerned for example on HSDPA data network. Thanks for the information.

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    • IPhone is still the best. But yes, the smartphones market is huge and can accomodate a few more players. It’s surprising that Nokia and SE has not played a big part in this market. I am seeing more ppl transitioning away from Nokia and SE.
      Lee from Bowflex Revolution

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    • The smartphone market is huge. They can dominate the market without killing the iPhone.
      There’s place for everyone.
      Pam from a android website

    • Nexus one is not bad …
      remove region code from dvd | dvd to iPhone 4

    • Allison

      I’m definitely going to get one. Google rocks.

      Best Registry Cleaner

    • Nice post, thanks

    • I want it!!!! Thanks for post!

    • Good post!

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    • I guess I just don’t see people shopping and buying things w/ their
      phones – they’re too small. It’s going to take more to convince me.

    • Anonymous

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    • i like this

    • Mengjin24

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