December 22, 2014

Reuters: Nexus One Available Directly Through Google Website January 5

nexus_2Reuters is reporting that a source of theirs indicates a January 5th date for the Nexus One to go on sale.  They’ve been advised that it will be at a  “reduced price to consumers who agree to a service contract from Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA“.  Are we skeptical?  Sure.  It’s only a couple weeks away but whatever.  We thought it would be months before Google Goggles was ready and here it was rolled out days after we learned of it. 

We were looking through our comments from another post and found that the always-fun Charbax dropped by with some information regarding price.  We’re not sure were he heard it or how he knows, but here’s what he says…

Here’s the price: $199 unlocked in stores. $100 rebate online if you have an active and old Google account. That $100 rebate is either to buy it $99 online from Google’s online phone store, for using on Android Marketplace or for using on any Google Checkout stores. Can also be used for T-Mobile or AT&T pre-paid Data SIM card service at $29 per month, no contracts required.

Google will push full VOIP usage on these, meaning no voice/sms plans needed at any carrier. Voice calls will go through Google Voice on Data SIM cards and will provide unlimited free voice calling. And SMS is replaced by unlimited free Gtalk.

Finally, Google will provide easy roaming data services in other countries. For example, if you go to Europe, you can roam on HSDPA data networks for the same price of 20€ per month, and if you only stay in Europe for a few days you won’t need to pay for the whole month. You may not even need to change the SIM card.

  • pro online marketing

    Google really has an up with this considering they'll be the only ones offering nexus one.

  • iPhone

    seriously unbelievable. if this were true, i just would …. wow.

  • host review

    I love Nexus one go google

  • Adam

    I agree they are the best! I want the Google rebate for the nexus one omg.

  • jf seo studio

    gimme gimme! that phone would be great to own

  • jf seo studio

    great post I need get get my hands on the nexus one.

  • jfseostudio

    it could be speculation.. as always

  • online traffic

    Go Google :-)

  • Eval Blog

    For now Google has no need to kill the iphone. The smartphone market huge. They can dominate the market without killing the iphone. They will kill blackberry first before the iphone.

  • Jack

    I still think that iPhone is better. Never the less I intend to try Android platform, just to be fair.

  • bantai

    I very much impressive to read this article

  • bantai

    I very much impressive to read this article

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    I like design smart and cool.

  • mel

    wooow… i want it…. T_T

  • zakki99

    $29/month price come from? of course from their manager

  • farhad

    i always dream of a phone just like this.. :)

  • xubeibei

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  • yohan

    cool, google nexus 1

  • syabac

    very cool..

  • eric

    i willl buy one.. :)

  • John

    i want one, but i had iphone now.

  • Kojeje

    Ohh. really like the design :)
    Wish I could have it one :)

  • eco

    good news…

  • nining

    it has agood designed,, iwanna have it,,

  • cygnusx1

    i really want this phone. just one..

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    I want it!

  • cheap night vision goggles

    Though it is natural to be skeptical about the new development, it is Google Website and its vast network would sure to work towards extending the facility in other countries so far roaming is concerned for example on HSDPA data network. Thanks for the information.

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  • Bowflex Revolution

    IPhone is still the best. But yes, the smartphones market is huge and can accomodate a few more players. It’s surprising that Nokia and SE has not played a big part in this market. I am seeing more ppl transitioning away from Nokia and SE.
    Lee from Bowflex Revolution

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  • Android

    The smartphone market is huge. They can dominate the market without killing the iPhone.
    There’s place for everyone.
    Pam from a android website

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    Nexus one is not bad …
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  • Allison

    I’m definitely going to get one. Google rocks.

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    Nice post, thanks

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    I want it!!!! Thanks for post!

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    Good post!

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  • Custom LED Light

    I guess I just don’t see people shopping and buying things w/ their
    phones – they’re too small. It’s going to take more to convince me.

  • Anonymous

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