Two new shots of the Nexus One (Google Phone)

The Boy Genius Report managed to grab a couple of new shots of the Nexus One (a.k.a Google Phone). What’s different about these two new shots from the myriad of shots that are popping up all over the web is that we can really get a good sense of some of the features everyone is talking about. On this first shot we can really appreciate the “crisp, high resolution display” on the device.

Courtesy of Boy Genius Report (BGR)
Courtesy of Boy Genius Report (BGR)

That wallpaper looks very impressive and the colors really stand out, the 3D icons on the home screen look really attractive and the new grid icon at the bottom of the home screen makes an appearance on this shot also.  It’s also pretty obvious that the leaves in the wallpaper will be animated.

On this next shot we can see the Android patriarch, the G1 posing along the Nexus One, giving us a real dimension on how thin the new device really is and why it caused so much rave over at twitter, to quote the original BGR article “Thin is in, folks”.

Courtesy of Boy Genius Report (BGR)
Courtesy of Boy Genius Report (BGR)
  • omg really cool!!

  • eclipse

    Thin may be "in", but its useless if the battery life is as bad as most "thin" 3G phones.

    Don't get me wrong, I LUVVVV my G1 and have drunk the Google-Aid being both a paid apps subscriber and using their apps for education, but the G1's battery life with the standard battery is not that great, especially if, like me, you're on a stream almost 24×7.

    Thank the Lord for Innocel and standard USB chargers.

  • Thorpe

    Yup, I also love my G1. That is once i got the extended battery! Now its awesome. I wonder if this new google phone even has an swappable battery? If they pull an "iphone" and lock everyone into a short life battery that kills the usefulness of it….. FAIL. Its not fun being tied to a usb or charger all day.
    I guess we'll find out soon enough.

  • Alex

    I just want a headphone jack… please have a headphone jack!

  • From the side view, the TRACKBALL is clearly … well, it's a BALL!?

  • ne0phyt3

    Good news: Mugen Power is working on extended battery for Nexus One: