Wanna See the Nexus One Boot Animation?

nexus_one_bootOf course you do.

Thanks Benjamin!

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  1. Judner
    December 14, 23:28 Reply

    you guys are keep us updated very well with this, good job!

  2. colindean
    December 14, 23:32 Reply

    I can't wait until this finds its way into Cyanogenmod, if even possible.

    • Demi Adejuyigbe
      December 14, 23:44 Reply

      I'm looking at the Android 2.1 (codename Flan) system dump right now, and I don't think it will be possible. At least, not on the G1/myTouch 3G. I'm going through it to see what else I can find, though.

  3. Michael_Martin
    December 15, 00:08 Reply

    hmmm, One more X and it would be a lead in to the MiKandi adult Android app store :)

    ,Michael Martin

  4. lbhudda
    December 15, 08:28 Reply

    Is it me, or does that look very windowsy? Four colours and the right ones too?

  5. @AhmedEltawil
    December 15, 14:07 Reply

    The back of the phone doesn't look that nice. The location of the camera and the LED flash makes the phone look like a cheap web phone. I do admire the large screen and the layout of the front buttons though. In general, I doubt this will be an expensive phone due to the cheap materials used to make the phone.

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