App Review: A World of Photo

MakePicA World of Photo sells itself as a “fun casual, geo multiplayer online game” but to say it’s a game is maybe pushing it slightly.

The basic premise is that you are selected at random by anyone else in the world using the app to send them a photo of your choosing. It displays a version of Google maps and your location and then once you take and send the picture it is then rated and commented on. You then spin/shake the phone or select a direction and the app searches for someone who then chooses whether or not to send you a pic (you can choose to “Make Photo” or not by selecting “I’m Busy”). The user is displayed on the map with an icon displaying a little bit of info about them and the photo is sent to you and it is up to you to rate and give feedback. This is repeated. And that’s it.

It may sound tedious but it is actually quite fun. Once you send and receive your first few pics it becomes quite addictive waiting to be chosen or see which pics have been sent to you. The social aspect is that you make comments on the pics and rate them and if people are nice enough, you can meet some interesting people. You will get photos from all around the world and it is fun seeing the lines connecting you to them.

The downside is that people will obviously abuse this kind of app and you can usually tell who these people are just by the usernames (I am not giving any examples here). There is an option to report images but I guess you have to see them first before you report them so I would be careful if minors are using it.

Other than that it’s fun and makes a good use of the camera and can be a nice little time waster.

  • This App Was Tested Using: G1 running Cyanogen
  • Presentation: Uses a version of Maps as its main screen with nice added visuals.
  • Value: Great value (free) although there is a donate version available also.
  • Stability/Resources: Not one FC and just a little lag when sending photo but this is minimal.
  • Bottom line: A good app that makes good use of the camera and fun way to help pass the time.
  • Be careful cause this game is addictive…I love it. It is really well designed and I have talked to people all over the world. I only wish that there was some sort of history or something so I can see who I have spoken with or where they came from.

  • Guest

    I've been playing for a few days now. Out of about 30-40 pictures I've only received one shot of testicles, ten or so have been boring, and the rest were fascinating.

    I especially like seeing interesting places and products from around the world.

  • L. K.

    This is fantastic. I only wish there could be two versions, one “adult” and one “all ages.”

    I’d gladly pay to have the two separated out. If you feel the same, please contact the developer, as I am doing now.

    This is such an awesome application!

  • I especially like seeing interesting places and products from around the world.

  • Doll

    I have a question…how do I keep the tread going? When I rate a pic, the pic just stays on my screen. I’ve used the back button to get back to the map and also the save and close button in the menu but both seem to make the thread start over again. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

    • Khame

      I wish to know too

  • Mikey Rich

    ***PLEASE HELP***

    This app sounds great and I really want to try it out. I am on an LG GT540 OPTIMUS, which I think runs Android 1.6.

    I have intalled the app and everything works fine …I have created an account, it picks up my location through my GPS, I recieve a request from someone just fine and can click the take photo button. From there it’s downhill though 🙁 My camera loads up, I take a picture, click attach, then it says it can’t find the picture I’ve just taken?!?!?!?

    From there I can click the ok button and it brings up a new kind of camera with a smaller view finder, but this won’t let me switch to camera mode, it sticks on video mode. I try to record a video incase I can send that, but it only records for a couple of seconds, then stops, but there is no way of me sending that video?!?!?!?

    Am I doing something wrong, is this app not compatable with Android 1.6 or my GT540, or is there some kind of other problem that I’m just too dumb to figure out?!?!?!?

    Please help me if you can, I really want to start using this app. Thanks, Mikey 🙂

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  • Ahmed Hashmi

    dear i just want to know that whenever i save some picture while using this application where it gets saved…i am using htc desire hd and i have checked all my storage card and phone memory….plus i dont have an account on it…i just use it as a guest

    • Amitmete5

      do one work …when u want to save photo jst shear is on whatsapp to any one an then it wil get save in ur gal …….?

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