Are the Google Phone Rumors an Elaborate Apple Hoax?

loldog-lochness-dog-is-a-hoaxMy friend Rob over at phandroid has been a skeptic of a potential Google Phone for quite some time now.  Recently, he’s warmed to the idea that a phone might exist and has been covering the Nexus One as well.  However, there’s a post over there today that contends that everything we Android sites have been reporting on these last few days is a fake.  Maybe even a hoax started in Cupertino by a certain company with a fruit logo.

Wireless industry insider and journalist Eldar Murtazin kicked things off with a tweet that said, “Hmmm Google Phone is a kind of fake finaly. Just finish conversation with some guy from Google, story looks in other way then it was discuss.”

Eldar went on to add, “Some rival company used misunderstanding to lauch rumour about Gphone and new business model from Google (which arent true).”

When asked who would start such a thing, the response was,  “For sure is Apple – they fight against future Moto products.”

There’s plenty more to this side of the story so I suggest reading Rob’s original post.  However, here’s where I offer the rebuttal to the hoax theories.

I believe there is far too much to support this phone for it to be a hoax, especially one perpetrated by Apple.  Isn’t it much easier to ‘say’ this is all made up rather than prove it?   I want to know what you think about all of this?  Is there anyone out there who thinks this is a big, elaborate scheme?

  • Will S

    Even if the Nexus One was a hoax (which there appears to be plenty evidence that it is at least "something"), there is still the strong possibility that the HTC Passion/Dragon/Bravo will be released Q1-Q2 2010, so we aren't that bad off.

    BTW, why would Apple want to create so much buzz around Android (even if it is fabricated)?

  • wootroot

    Well the phone litterally exists, and google admitted it gave employees the phone… I must be missing something here.

  • wootroot

    Sooo apple made a device that runs android, and had people spread rumors about it?

    There is clearly a device that runs android
    Screenshots show that version to be 2.1
    The latest flan dump matches EVERYthing that has been “rumored” about the device, including annimated wallpapers and the fancy boot screen

    If apple made this phone and then spread rumors about it, well someone should buy them a beer and thank them. Id then ask them to sell the phone and id still be first in line.

    Could apple of spread lies about the release date and price? Absolutely! Jan 5th is waaaay to early imo, and $199 is a rather low price even with the concept that google would make that up with people using google services

    Bottom line is there IS a phone that DOES have snapdraggon and DOES run flan (2.1).

    • In reply to "Could apple of spread lies about the release date and price? Absolutely! Jan 5th is waaaay to early imo, and $199 is a rather low price even with the concept that google would make that up with people using google services"

      We've seen Google release stuff out of the blue with no previous announcement, so I guess I'm suggesting that it is "never to early". And for the $199 price tag? Well it is the going price (even lower in some cases) for almost all current smart phones now a days. I hope we're both wrong and Google surprises us all with even a better deal 😀

      • doom

        One rumor even suggested google would subsidize the phone for 99 to the consumer. Either way, i cant use att anymore. They are terrible.

        • well if you're stuck on AT&T and don't like it, maybe you can help this cause –> Dec.18th they are planning to overload AT&T's network. idk 😉

  • Well it looks like there is not enough facts coming from the Google and T-Mobile right now, so it's leaving room for coat talliers to hop on the wave and throw in their two cents. I guess we're all "fan boys" in one way or another. I can see why some people would want to rain the the parade. I for one don't think that "Apple" has taken an HTC Dump and put "Nexus One" all over it and leaked it to the public. That would have gotten HTC's attention really fast. So for all the Nay Sayers out there. What are the G1's and the Droid's in the most recently leaked videos running? Hmm? I for one have experienced the rom. I can say it is real. As for the new business model. I'm not sure what the fact are, but what has been mentioned, it does seem to fall in line with where the market is headed. Just a recommendation from me – Do prepaid contracts or hold out one renewing your current contract for next January's announcements 😉

    • David M.

      I think the hoax being implied on is that Apple is stating that this is "The Google" phone, which if it did exist would alienate Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Acer ect… basically any company making an Android phone and causing bad blood between the two. The phone is very real, but I believe it is just another kick ass android phone that will be sold by TMO.

  • Jrbourque

    I think that this is going to happen….we might not know the pricing and releasing and who is selling it and all of that good stuff. But nexus is coming.who wouldnt want their OS to be the way that they see fit.I love android, but it can def be alot more than what tmo gives us or other carriers

  • OK – so Apple starts the GPhone rumors and gets the Android enthusiasts all excited… How does this stand to benefit them? If anything, I would think the existence of such rumors might make a certain segment of buyers hold off on picking up an iPhone. Maybe they're going for hail-mary backlash marketing, hoping that the rumor's eventual deflation will prompt more iPhone purchases? Seems pretty far-fetched. So how would they stand to benefit?

    • I agree here. I actually recommended to several people that they hold off on buying an Iphone to see what the deal is come January.

  • Seems that users of the Nexus One are downloading apps from the app store, according to my Flurry logs. See:

  • doom

    honestly i hope its a hoax, because this phone is a little disappointing, mainly because its stuck on att and tmobile.

  • That it's a hoax perpetrated by Apple is a stretch, but it doesn't seem unlikely that the rumors will far outstrip reality. I wouldn't be surprised if Nexus One is just ADP3, and the same hardware comes out as a regular Android carrier phone on Tmobile (a la ADP1/G1 and ADP2/MyTouch).

  • Joe Cruz

    Hoax or not, it still gives Android plenty of publicity.

  • Black Kristos

    Doesn't anyone remember the ION? And a month or so later Tmo announced the MT3G? And you know about that Even More Plus deal Tmo has? Phones with no contract, not subsidized.

    Yeah. The phone is obviously real. There probably is not a 'GPhone', but the next gen that can run Flan with no effort. The only hoax on the part of Apple that I would believe is the anti-Moto/Verizon statements about Google cutting them out.

    Otherwise, Tmo will have this phone soon.

  • There is a leaked system dump and videos of the phone, its not fake.

  • DMAGIC448

    Perpetuating outlandish comments like these makes me question the Validity of everything on your site.

  • momo

    is there a reason your source speaks like a caveman?

  • Karen

    He said the rumor is about the business model. I'm sure there is a phone, that's not in question. But you can all quit creaming your pants at the idea of an unlocked phone for $200 with a contract free plan from t mobile, and probably about the release date too. That part is hoax, the industry would never allow it.

  • Seems to me that this is simply the newest Android phone. The fact that Google has chosen this phone as a holiday bonus for its employees is nothing special – last year, the Googlers' bonus was a special G1 with an Android on the back.

    There's been speculation all along that Google would eventually get into the hardware business, but they've consistently denied it. Nothing has changed. Google is still heading up the Open Handset Alliance from the software side, and is working closely with hardware designers and manufacturers to manage the various software releases. They're not, at this point, producing hardware.

    As far as where the rumors come from, it seems to me that they largely get their start in forums like this one. When word got out that Google would (again) be giving their employees a gift of an Android phone, speculation immediately started that it would be a Google-manufactured phone. That's clearly not the case, but it seems that people are having a hard time letting go of the dream.

  • PS – To me, the bigger news here is that this is perhaps the reason why T-Mo has thus far been steering clear of Gen2 Android devices. I have no regrets on moving to Verizon for the Droid (much better coverage in my area), but I wonder how many early adopters will regret dumping T-Mo for VZW when the Droid was released.

  • I've been trying to figure out what the motive could be for Apple. This is *the best* I can come up with, and I'm not saying it's a good motive…or even plausible…(I'm on the side of most people thinking that this would be a bad idea for Apple) So let's call this the…

    Devil's Advocate Hypothesis
    Start a rumor of a Gphone. Why? To slow the firestorm of Android phones flying off the shelf. Why would this slow the firestorm? Because it would get a bunch of people about to buy an Android phone thinking that maybe they should wait for the gPhone. Afterall, if you're about the buy an Android phone – why jump in now when you could buy one direct from Google in a month. They're the people backing the OS…so why not wait until the mammoth behind the OS releases a phone?

    Benefit to Apple
    1. Significantly slows the spread of Android ownership
    2. Make this new wave of Android phones flop (and then Android gets bad PR cuz no one is buying them)
    3. Slows App Development (because there are fewer Android owners)
    4. All of the above buys time and sets the scene for a new iPhone (with a bunch of new potential customers who wanted Android, but held out for the Nexus One)

    1. Might prevent a potential Iphone buyer from buying an Iphone (which was noted above). However, one might think that it's worth sacrificing the Iphone owners if it sufficiently slows Android growth until Apple can get their act together.

    Anyway…that's a STRETCH, but I was trying hard to come up with something plausible.

  • ari-free

    enough of the conspiracies. the most plausible explanation, if the rumor is not true, that someone likes to dream and imagine the perfect scenario and that he is an attention seeker.
    But it does look like this rumor may be the real deal because we have tweets from Google's project manager ( and google trademarked the name nexus one.

    • awesome.

    • But, with the exception of the newest Android offerings, each of the Android phones has been interchangeably called a "Google Phone". Certainly the G1 has been known by that name. Hawthorn's tweet about "the new Google Phone" is just more of the same…the G1 has been the Google Phone, the Nexus One is "the new Google Phone."

      • WootRoot

        Its not a Google phone, its a phone with Google.

        Until Google releases a Google branded phone then there is no Google phone. The G1 has always been "The T-mobile G1 w/ Google". This will be the same way, a HTC phone with google built in.

        The Nexus One is a real device and its really running 2.1.

        I highly doubt the phone will come out for $200, and even more doubt a January 5th release date. Rumors travel fast on the internet, and its not hard to start a hoax these days as seen in the following sites:
        which made it to Engadgets front page that day here:

        Someone says Nexus One and there are blog articles 3 pages deep on Google search talking about it.

        Now someone with significantly less evidence for this being a hoax and even goes as far as to bring Apple into this… Just have patience and time will tell the truth.

  • eco

    it's just hoax