Change the Way You Exercise With ‘runstar’


runstarBeing an avid runner who typically runs 30-60 miles a week and is an ardent fan of Android, I love to see apps that bring the two worlds together. runstarâ„¢ not only meshes the two but does so in a manner that is very attractive with a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use while on the run.

runstarâ„¢ is packed with features including, but not limited to:

  • Multiple types of workouts – Free run, Time run, Distance run, and Pace run with the latter 3 coming soon
  • A useful locking feature on main running screen
  • A built in music player that gives you the ability to play a ‘Power Up’ song when you need an extra boost
  • Map runs
  • Graph elevations, distance, and speed
  • Set goals
  • Compete with friends
  • It’s FREE (is that a feature?)

runstar™ is a great app that works beautifully. Could I have found a replacement to my Garmin Forerunner?  Possibly, but only time will tell. If you are looking for a way to make running more fun, want to compete with friends, or just have an all around good way of tracking running statistics, runstar™ is the app for you. Did I mention it’s free?



  1. That looks like a great app! Did you say it was free?!?!?! ha. Thanks for all the great info, now only if they had an app to motivate you to START running, then I could use this app after I started running!

  2. As far as I can tell it doesn’t have any voice prompts telling you distance or pace which makes it far inferior to “cardiotrainer”

    • You could use it for cycling. It uses GPS to calculate your distance and pace, so it would work for cycling just as well as for running.

  3. Just went out to the market, and it looks like while the current version is free, there's going to be a pay version soon. I'd guess that most or all of the features currently listed as "coming soon" will only be available in the pay version.

  4. Ok…sorry to keep posting on this, but I'm concerned. The first time I run the app, I'm forced to accept a language stating that "Runstar will also collect anonymous usage statistics to help us develop it further."

    What exactly does *that* mean? "Usage statistics" related to my use of their app, or to how I use my phone in general? Will my web stats be sent to the Runstar servers?

    Too general for me…uninstall.

  5. I just tried Run Star and really liked the interface. However, it seemed pretty beta. And the time it returned on my run was definitely inaccurate. All of these suffer from the poor GPS on the MyTouch and G1. I don't know if the Droid has a better GPS.

  6. The app looks great. I have used BuddyRunner up until now. The problem with the G1 is that the phone completely dies after only 3 hours. If only the application designers would somehow cut power consumption…frequency, maybe?

  7. One of the easiest programs to use. Open the app, hit start, and go.
    I only have 2 issues with this app.

    1. I would like to all details of the run visible to others when published to social media; Facebook, in my case. It only displays distance, time, and avg MPH. I’d like to see elevation and location as well.

    2. I use RunStar with a Droid X. That’s a big phone to run with.

    Otherwise, great app!

  8. Like it, but not for long runs. It appears to drain the heck out of my battery for my Inspire HTC 4G. Any suggestions besides run faster 🙂