Developers Waste Little Time Porting Android 2.1 to Droid

android_21_main_screenIn a move that comes as little surprise, some crafty developers have managed to extract Android 2.1 from a Nexus One handset to port it to the Motorola Droid. Does it work? Yes and no. According to comments left by the devs, it’s buggy at best.   As of right now, there are roughly a half dozen issues reported.  Their advice is to wait until a proper image has been created at which time a guide will follow.  Warnings aside, you can still take things into your owns and give it a whirl.  Don’t forget kids, messing with your phone in this manner risks turning it into a $500 hockey puck.

Below are a few photos pulled from an Engadget Mobile gallery.  For the rest, head to the original post.

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