T-Mobile Gets a “Top Picks” Section in the Android Market.

T-Mo Picks 02What once as an application created for the MyTouch 3G launch has turned into a dedicated area within the Android Market. The “Downloads” link from the main landing page of the market has been replaced with a “T-Mobile” label.  This entirely new section showcases applications, both paid and free, which they consider to be “Top Picks.”

The link to the “My Downloads” area is now found by hitting the Menu button.

News of this new section does introduce some questions, including:

  • What does this look like for non-T-Mobile customers?
  • Will there be similar sections created for other carriers?
  • Does this hint at revenue-sharing deals with carriers?

T-Mo Picks 01 T-Mo Picks 03

  • Paul

    Verizon has had the same thing since Droid's launch.

  • I wrote on my blog about this also, My second thoughts on it is…. not a big deal for me.

  • Patrick

    All carrier's are free to customize the market. Verizons done it since launch. You do not see other carrier's sections

  • Joe

    Huh… as a San Diego T-Mobile customer, I don't see it.
    Anything to do with Cyanogen? I doubt it…

    • Actually if you are running cyanogen's build i don't believe you will see the t-mobile button. Pretty sure Cyanogen has the stock market from the AOSP as his builds had the new market before the official 1.6 release on the tmobile g1.

      • JOhnny

        I just updated to and I noticed the T-Mobile tab in the Market earlier today.

  • dethduck

    The t-mobile tab showed up this week after market updated itself from v.1620 to v.1660. However v.1660 doesn’t have account billing which is supposed to be rolling out now. Wish they had just updated to that version directly instead of this pointless pitstop.

  • spas528

    it also made the market app grow to 1.43mb (after clearing its cache) and it now has the option under (Manage Applications) to "uninstall updates"

  • David

    Funny I don't have this tab… I have an unrooted myTouch