Video of G1 Booting Nexus One ROM

tmobile_g1Youtube user MLIGN posted a video of his G1 starting up the Nexus One ROM. It takes a while to load.  In fact, it takes all of 4 minutes to get past the animation screen.  We never get to see the home-screen, but it’s still worth the watch.  Isn’t it nice to know that someone is working hard for you early adopters?

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  1. larry
    December 15, 11:19 Reply

    I really just want that boot screen on my mytouch3g. The rest of Nexus/2.1 will be interesting im sure. But that boot screen is hot.

  2. @Android_Jedi
    December 16, 02:08 Reply

    It is nice to know that someone is working hard for us early adopters!!!
    Some G1 Love!

  3. Everett
    December 16, 02:33 Reply

    The first boot after a flash always takes longer than normal.

  4. Harper
    December 16, 03:19 Reply

    There's a ROM on XDA with the nexus boot, it's just eclair with the nexus one boot animation.

  5. Harper
    December 16, 03:20 Reply

    Also, forgot to mention, it's not hard to change the name of the phone (the part that shows up on first boot)

  6. Harper
    December 16, 03:22 Reply

    Just looked through XDA, my initial thoughts were correct, it was a Hoax!

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