DoubleTwist Gets Updated With Nexus One Support

doubletwist_appWe received an email from DVD Jon late last night regarding his DoubleTwist desktop sync application.  Previously reviewed here on AndroidGuys, the app allows you to manage the media on your phone through the software’s interface much like iTunes does for the iPod. It supports many Android phones as well as loads of other phones and mp3 players.

We released a new version of doubleTwist for Windows today (and a new Mac version yesterday).
The big news is that the Windows version now has the integrated Amazon MP3 store just like the Mac version.
Perhaps of more interest to you guys is what you’ll find at the bottom of the release notes :-)

So what exactly are the new features?  According to the concise release notes, the following has been updated:

  • Integrated Amazon MP3 music store. Currently only users with a U.S. credit card can purchase from the store.
  • You can now re-import your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists (in the Preferences dialog).
  • Support for the Nexus One Android phone.

How support for the Nexus One was integrated is beyond us at this point.  Could it be something as simple as adding a line or two of code that simply lists the name?  Maybe he has a friend or two working for Google who tipped him off.  Why bother updating the software for a phone that ‘doesn’t exist‘ anyhow?

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  1. sstewart
    December 18, 00:31 Reply

    doubleTwist is buggy and not yet ready for prime-time. If all you want to do is sync itunes to your Droid, use Salling Media Sync. It's simple and it works.

  2. Mio Navman M300
    December 23, 10:42 Reply

    Thank you for another great post. I look forward to many more entries with high quality info. Post new updates to improve our knowledge.

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