Pandora Hacked to Run on Rooted Nook

nookdevpx-launcherThe team over at nookDevs is wasting no time in bending the Barnes & Noble nook to their will.  After successfully rooting the device in 120 hours, the next step was to try to get Android apps installed. Well, we can tick that one off the list.  The first app to get loaded on the nook is the popular streaming music app, Pandora.

The interesting thing about this particular app is that it uses the 3G network from AT&T.  How many rooted nooks with data-based apps are going to slip by undetected before either Barnes & Noble start calling for hardware changes.  The current models find the entire OS running on the microSD card.  This memory card can be removed as easily as any other handset.

To get Pandora running on the nook, you’ll need to jump through some serious hoops.  The real news is that things are moving along swimmingly!

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  1. Davest010
    December 16, 19:07 Reply

    Wow…free data connection. I wonder how long it will be before someone finds a way to run Skype on this. It's a little big to carry around as a phone, but free is good.

    Also, I'm guessing that if the OS is on the SD card, apps must be stored there as well? Makes me wonder why Android phones still aren't designed to store apps on SD out of the box.

  2. Sam
    December 16, 20:30 Reply

    Ehh, any kind of connection has to have some kind of signature, MAC address, something behind it. AT&T will just start disconnecting service to hacked Nooks. It probably won't be very hard for them and B&N will probably have to pocket the cost for releasing a unsecure product.

    • schwiz
      December 17, 03:15 Reply

      Im not sure about that, whats to stop people from just yanking the sim card out and sticking it in any other att device? not sure how att could even tell the difference. seems like the blame could go either way.

      • sam
        December 17, 12:27 Reply

        There'd be no reason for this device to have a sim card. Sim cards are designed to be taken out and put in different devices. For a device like this, they'd just build in the user id information usually held on a sim card directly into the device.

  3. Alica Sealey
    December 02, 20:50 Reply

    good article , hope to see more about this subject.

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