ChickenBrick Studios Announces Puzzle Game ‘LightUp!’

lightupHot on the heels of their Super Game Pack, ChickenBrick Studios has announced the release of their new puzzle game, Light Up.  I’ve been playing with this game for the last two weeks and I have to say that it’s one of my favorite casual games right now.  There are over 125 levels to play spread out over three different game modes. 

Don’t be fooled by this game.  What starts out as almost embarrassingly simple quickly turns into a real mind bender.  As of today, I’m around halfway done with the hard setting under normal gameplay.  After getting through earlier levels in a matter of seconds, I now find myself trying these later levels over and over.  The simplistic idea can drive one mad.  Well played, ChickenBrick!

The premise is simple – turn all tiles to blue.  You can tap or drag your finger around the level but you cannot overlap or backtrack.  It’s a straight shot from start to finish.  I’ve attached some screen shots to help you get a feel for it.

You can download the full version for $3.99 out of the Android Market immediately.  A lite version with 18 levels over varying difficulties and modes is available for free.

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  1. @dvflameartist
    December 17, 19:19 Reply

    It would appear that this game got pulled from the market for whatever reason. Both versions no longer exist. This is upsetting

  2. Lemon
    December 17, 21:54 Reply

    Not on the market? Wassup?

  3. Matt
    December 18, 04:58 Reply

    Both versions are now back on the Android Market. Sorry for the delay. We had some initial compatibility issues and had to pull it for an emergency fix.

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