HTC Offering Widgets in Android Market for Sense UI Handsets

htc_widgets_marketListen up Hero and Droid Eris owners!  HTC has just uploaded 4 new widgets for those of you with Sense UI on your Android phones.  Could this be the signal of a new direction for a company formerly famous for being the unknown hardware manufacturer behind many Windows Mobile phones?  

There are four free widgets available immediately – Battery, Dice, Tip Calculator,  and Today in History. We can only assume that more will follow as more Sense UI-based handsets begin to (hopefully) proliferate the market.    One question we have is whether or not there will be apps and/or widgets for other HTC handsets like the T-Mobile G1.  The other question that springs to mind is whether HTC plans to charge for any apps and add-ons down the road.  We learned yesterday that the company sent LevelUpStudios a cease and desist order for their ‘Beautiful Widgets’.  Does HTC want to be the one charging for Sense-like widgets on standard Android handsets?

Source: Download Squad

  • Is it possible you could post links and/or QR codes to those apps. The market sucks for searching.

  • bryan

    Suddenly the timing of the level up studios, beautiful Widgets cease and decist order makes sense. I wondered why they suddely were concerned about it now, since beautiful widgets has been around for a while. Hopefully htc will release Widgets for the non sense ui phones. Especially the clock/weather widget. It makes sense for htc to release some of the widgets on the market, it adds value to htc handsets over other manufacturers and helps diferentiate them. Also if htc has already written them it is an easy secondary income stream for htc.

  • Like Bryan, I love the HTC clock and weather widget as well. 🙂

    Thanks for the news update – I did try out the Today in History widget and it works well on my Orange UK HTC Hero. People will have to bear in mind that after the 'app' has been downloaded, it will have to be added as a widget on one of the 7 home screens for it to work: there have been several comments in the App store about it not working, but that's because you can't launch it directly after installing, because – as some have pointed out – it is a widget!

  • dethduck

    Ok,what’s with comments on many android sites being dominated by retweets and quotes with spam as the user name lately? I’m finding this everywhere now. You load an article with 12 comments and one might be an actual comment. Anyone else noticing this?

  • 'Beautiful Widgets' was a direct rip-off of HTC's Sense UI widgets, it made sense for them to stop someone copying their work. I'm sure other widgets are perfectly OK.

  • I am excited about these four free widgets which are available immediately – Battery, Dice, Tip Calculator thanks to htc offering widgets in android. It is nice post. keep it up.