“I Fondled a Nexus One”

nexus_2Greg Sterling, a contributing editor over at Search Engine Land, can count himself among the lucky few who have been able to see the mythical Nexus One handsets in person.  What was the experience like?  He wasn’t allowed to take any pictures, but he did make mental notes to share with the rest of us.

As he describes it:

  • It looked to me like a thinner Droid Eris with a larger, more impressive screen
  • The screen resolution was great and crisp
  • The stand-out dimension of the phone in my brief time with it was its speed; it was extremely fast (running on the T-Mobile network)
  • It features the “new” version of the Android Market, which is a considerable step up from what exists now

It’s unknown which Android Market(s) Greg is familiar with.  For all we know, he’s only seen the pre-1.6 market in person.  Then again, he does know a thing or two about Android.  Also, Sterling remarks, “This is clearly now the ‘flagship’ Android device; it’s no longer the Motorola Droid.  In many ways the Droid is clunky and awkward by comparison.”

He mentions right off the bat that he was able to play with the Nexus One only after meeting someone for coffee.  Whether for a specific reason or not, he made sure to note that said friend did not work for Google.  So who else would be walking around with one of these?  Perhaps someone who works for a carrier?  We find it hard to believe that Google would be dogfooding their phones with common folk.

Any guesses as to who else is privileged enough to score The Google Phone?

  • I've got a 1.5 MyTouch so I'm looking at the "old" Android Market. This was my first exposure to the improved interface (other than screenshots). Also, I neglected to mention: no multitouch — a disappointment to me.

  • CJ

    this guy doesnt know SHIT! He never touched the nexus one. STOP YOUR LIEING YOU BITCH! your a damn lier. fuck you! you never touched the phone!

  • helado

    I agree with CJ, I don't think that you have even seen The Nexus One

  • milk4android

    i think that he just want attention, no?

  • dommafia

    holy comments batman 😐 No multitouch??? damn 🙁

  • I know Greg Sterling personally as we spoken on mobile panels together at Internet Marketing conferences – so he VERY much knows about Android & the mobile industry as a whole.

    He like myself still uses the Google Ion Android phone we got at Google IO so perhaps we can replace it with a Nexus One they could give away at Google IO next year.

    ,Michael Martin

    • DMAGIC448

      Ok. Now I believe it! At first i was a little skeptical but since Mike has confirmed this guy, I do believe it to be true. Mike Martin runs googleandblog.com For me SCREW MULTITOUCH! I am eligible for an upgrade & am dying to get rid of my low memory, low speed G1. All I wanna know is when & how much

      • Personally I would recommend the Sony Xperia X10 over the Nexus One w the preliminary specs and if the price were anything equal (which most likely wont).

        You hit the nail on the head of the issue with the low internal memory for applications unless HTML5 really gets mandated on webkits in 2010 so wont need to store apps so much locally.

        ,Michael Martin

  • anonymous

    I have a feeling it was a t-mobile employee…I work for T-mo…and some of our reps will get the phone early to familarize themselves with it to prepare and train for release. I know a new phone has been floating around since last week..I haven't seen it… but am pretty sure I know the phone that he has(NEXUS)… but he's been doing the same thing I would be doing if I had it…keep my mouth shut….

    Either way…I firmly believe we're gonna see the announcement for this phone on T-MO before the end of the ear…with a January release

  • Sean

    …and CJ…. grow up and look the word "class" up in the dictionary…. no need sullying up the androidguys website with your foul language for no apparent reason…thats not needed here.

  • Poor, poor Droid owners…

    • Yak


      Physical keyboards are nice. I don't know a single person with a Droid that would want this Nexus One device. The only people that really seem to be going ape**** over it are bloggers and people with iPhones.

  • JustAPhoneUser

    Be considerate with your comments! We do not want to have to register just to make comments… I am sure this dude has seen one of these phones, and like me I am sure he is excited about the prospects of getting one for himself.

    P.S. I would not be surprised if they made some rather fundamental changes to the market. It is currently impossible to find what you are looking for, and given that Google's "thing" is search, I am sure they are working on fixing the market up. They can't let apple continue to show then up on stretchability in the market…

  • dethduck

    @Greg Sterling, if you have a myTouch you should have 1.6. If you didn’t automatically update en it manually. Open the phone settings and scroll to the bottom. Select phone info then choose check for updates.

    • Its not that simple with the Ion phone since it doesn't get the mobile operator updates & you have to manually flash the 1.6 update per the instructions at http://developer.htc.com/google-io-device.html

      Personally I didn't bother flashing mine to 1.6 as I rather go through the process once the 2.X version is released.

      I believe Taylor at AndroidandMe had the same mindset and didn't bother w his Ion yet.

      ,Michael Martin

  • Androidawg

    I don't know if I trust the opinion of someone who uses a myTouch or Ion and hasn't upgraded from 1.5. How can you claim to be knowledgeable if you haven't performed even the most basic of upgrades on your own android? Disappointing.

  • okay, i've touched one too . . . i own a G1 and have it rooted with the latest Cyanogen, so yeah i know a few things. let me tell you right off – everything he said was TRUE. this is a slick, FAST device. i told my friends that the most telling thing about it was that i REALLY want one know, even though it doesn't have a physical keyboard!

    Jan 5 can't come fast enough!!!

  • I said I would never get a full touch. Now since there is no new physical qwerty coming soon to tmob, I will have to get Nexus1 or X10. I like that the X10 has bigger screen, but I wont get it if it has any less than 2.0 running out of the box. I think I have enough trust in the onscreen keyboard now, especially with bigger screens. It just takes getting used to just like any other qwerty… physical or not.

  • BruteForce

    Compared to the G1 with 1.6, my current phone runs like greased lightning, so anything around 800MHz and above will make Android run well, with no hickups. What I want is a gig or four of memory. Its just stupid that the phones are running on < 512 megs of ram.
    So, generally, any phone coming out 2010 with a CPU that aint old as hell (Im staring angrily at YOU HTC.) would make android look good performancewise. The only thing a real google phone (not just another android) would bring to the table IMHO, would be frequent updates. Something that all the current players have prooven to be bad at. (Perhaps with an exception of Motorola, but they, as Acer, havent been around long enough to judge that yet.)