Kaspersky Lab Forecasts Increased Android Attacks in 2010

kasperskyAs we near 2010, it’s time to do the obligatory recaps and forecasts from analysts.  Kaspersky Lab,  the world’s largest privately-held Internet Security company, have put together six predictions in threats and attacks for the new year.  Not surprisingly, they are expecting an increase attacks on Android devices, saying that 2010 “promises to be a difficult time for Android users”.

Kaspersky Lab points out that the first malicious programs for both Android and iPhone emerged this year and piqued the interest of cybercriminals.   As they put it, all Android users who are all vulnerable to attack.

The increasing popularity of mobile phones running the Android OS combined with a lack of effective checks to ensure third-party software applications are secure, will lead to a number of high-profile malware outbreaks. – press release

Are you concerned with threats and attacks to your Android device(s) at all?  Does this feel like something to be legitimately worried about or is it fear tactics to get you to buy their software?  Sound off in the comments!

  • John

    I love how AV companies keep crying wolf to drum up more business, the fact that Android is based on linux which despite massive numbers of linux servers out there that could be targetted already very few actually get more than a website defacement, or a bot installed to spew spam which tends to get cleaned up rather promptly.

    Then you have to consider that most attack vectors on Android are via the JVM which unlike a normal computer is locked down a tad to begin with, sure they might steal your personal details/files if you install bad/malicious code, but that's just more reason to not do what most do on PCs and open any old extension. Read what others say about apps, it becomes clear pretty quickly if something fishy is going on.

    In short, lots of smoke blowing in the wind without much substance.

  • Dalamar

    I agree with John 100%. Also, if your Phone is Rooted, then removing the "infections" will be extremely easy, and if you are not rooted, i foresee someone making a cheap method of cleaning out your Android system since the "infections" won't have much access to your vital systems anyways.

  • bandi

    @John & Dalamar: you guys just miss the point. The time of the "wipe-your-hard-disk-ha-ha-ha" viruses has been over a long time ago….these are probably not the threats that the guys from kaspersky talk about. It's not the android system that is in danger, it's your personal stuff: email account, credit card, passwords, phone-contacts etc and etc. Anyone who has done a little bit of development on android knows that you can practically write anything (given the time), and unfortunately ppl who like to write all kinds of viruses and mallware seem to have toooo much time on their hands. They should probably not spend their money on gadgets and pcs and macs….save the money and buy a life!

  • Alz

    I bet they said the same thing when the iPhone came out. As we all now know, iPhone users are suffering from malware attacks on a daily basis /sarcasm

    • James

      The iPhone is completely locked down unless you jailbreak it. Unless a root exploit is found that the attackers manage to keep secret for a significant time, no virus can really propagate. Without signed binaries, nothing runs on an un-jailbroken iPhone.

      Can the same thing be said of Android? BTW, I don't know the answer to this question, so I'm asking. Could malicious binaries from a virus or worm execute on a non-rooted Android phone?

  • Epiphany

    I found this site and this enlightening discussion while searching for Kaspersky for mobile phones.
    I have an HTC Desire phone, which is the best handset I've ever had. I want to protect it from viruses but Kaspersky isn't available for my phone as yet.

    Some references were made in the above discussion to "rooting" Android phones; what does this mean and how can I root my Android phone?

    I thank you in anticipation of your advice/suggestions.


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