March 29, 2015

Nook Hacks Continue with Working Browser

nook_browserI’ve come to the conclusion that the guys over at NookDevs just don’t sleep.  I was  getting ready to head off to la-la land when I saw a tweet that grabbed my attention.

Lades and Gentlemen. The nook now has a working browser.”


Of course I felt obligated to see if they could prove it. After clicking the accompanying link,  I  found they snapped a nice pic for us as evidence.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next day or so.  Have the floodgates started to open up on this thing?  Will Barnes & Noble acknowledge the fact that their little baby is being bent to the nookDevs will? What will AT&T do, if anything?  After all, these data-centric apps are going to be using their not-so-reliable 3G network.  You’d think they would notice once this starts to go viral.  Are there even enough people out there to care?

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  1. Co Enzyme

    WOW, the Nook to Nook lending feature is really cool if it means you can share with another Nook owner.The Amazon store, on the other hand, is great on the Kindle, but the Nook experience in color with touch looks a lot better.

  2. Carl

    My take…

    B&N loves it. It generates even more interest in their device. And since the hacks likely void the warranty, users will have to buy a new one if they screw up their device.

    AT&T hates it. They'll look for ways to lock down the 3G connection, ultimately worsening the experience for nook users who aren't even hacking their device.

    In the end it all doesn't matter. The nook is a niche device and probably won't be around in big enough numbers to make an impact.

  3. tom

    the great big event will be when wifi tethering gets going. than i would not be surprised if these things start to flood the black market as 'free to use' mifi alternatives. the owners will not care in the least about the ereader, apps anythings other than the free bridge to the internet for all their other wifi devices.

    free 3G and wifi in the same devices without a very locked down firmware is a recipe encouraging this.


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