Sprint Clarifies: “We Meant Android 2.1 for Hero and Moment”

sprint_tweetIf you are an HTC Hero or Samsung Moment owner, you can now stop worrying about the Nexus One, as you’ll also be enjoying the latest and greatest of Android in the very near future.  That is if you count the next six months as “near future”.  Similar to how the news was broken last week,  Sprint and HTC both tweeted announcements today regarding  Android updates to the Hero and Samsung Moment.  Both phones are going to jump from 1.5 directly to Android 2.1 as opposed to 2.0 as originally announced.

Slight clarification on Android OS updates for the HTC Hero & Samsung Moment. Will be updating straight to Android 2.1, not 2.0, in 1H2010. – Sprint via twitter

Anybody notice the clarification from @sprint? Hero on Sprint will not be getting 2.0…it will get 2.1 :). – HTC via twitter


  • jerry

    I'm not sure there IS a googlephone yet, but I certainly hope it's Over The Air updatable by standard os builds and not tied to having to wait for the carrier or manufacturer to come out with a specialized OS build.

  • Good news, but they had decided to skip 1.6 and go straight to 2.0 earlier in the year. They'd better not dither too long in getting out 2.1, or, at current rates of evolution, a few months down the line they'll be announcing that they're skipping 2.1 and going straight to 2.2! 🙂

  • why would anyone stop worrying about the Nexus1. Based on rumors the Nexus1 has a better processor than any Android available in the US right now. I am sure there is a difference. 1st gen Android or 2nd gen with fast processor???? hmmmmmm

  • affad

    wth why is tmobile's phones the ones who started out android getting left out in the dust?

  • tertal

    because t-mobile sucks

  • Marni

    Actually, T-mo is getting the Nexus One.

    • so is weak verizon

  • nicknice

    man, as long as we r getting the 2.1 and beat the damn iphone, no worries here

    • A-man

      I doubt Android phones will bit iPhone, but I do know Android will give iPhone a competition everyone has been waiting for. I love my Hero on Sprint Network, but I'm running out of patients with the release date for 2.1

      Rumor also has it that Sprint will bring a HD2 based Android phone next year. I'm not sure how true is that though.

  • A-man


    • Zurg