Another Nexus One Hands On

nexus_9We made a promise to ourselves to only talk about the Nexus One on days that end in a ‘Y’ so here we go.  Yet another person has been able to get in front of a Nexus One and live to tell the tale.  A blogger going by the handle of ‘tnkgrl” had some face time last night and share their findings.  Like the last one, they weren’t allowed to snap any pics. And like the other reports, the phone definitely leaves a good impression.

Here are a handful of things noted in the original post that we’ve rearranged and paraphrased.  For the full, original list, head to tnkgrl’s blog.

It Is

  • Extremely thin
  • Much nicer looking in person
  • Unlocked
  • “Super snappy!”
  • T-Mobile 3G capable
  • There’s a 4 GB micro-SD card installed

It Isn’t

  • AT&T 3G capable (EGDE only)
  • VoIP (“Calls are routed the normal way”)

Hardware Details

  • Battery capacity is 1400 mAh
  • Screen appears to be OLED
  • No dedicated camera key
  • Trackball can be used to focus camera
  • “Low-light performance is decent, but the flash is weak”
  • Micro-USB connector
  • Gold contacts on bottom edge (Possibly for a dock)

Software Details

Source: Engadget

  • Thorpe

    Cool, sleek, thin, powerful phone once again crippled by a puny 1400 mAh battery. Say hello to life tethered to a charger again. 🙁

    • POZ

      The idea behind the SnapDragon platform is that is is processed on a smaller platform and consumes less power. The SnapDragon phones that are coming up are going to be more power efficient.

  • Michal

    I don't think 1400 mAh is "puny"… if google "optimized" the android build running on this it could actually last longer than any other device out there.

    I thought iPhone 3GS was also 1400 mAh ? Can someone confirm this? Officla Apple tech page doesn't provide this info.

  • longtimesprintuser

    No VOip??? Calls are router like normal phones? Will it at least offer you the option of using it as a VOip??

  • eYe

    Uhm… 1400 mAh is not bad for smart phone. Besides, just from testing out 2.01 rom on G1 I can already tell that it’s highly optimized in terms of both memory and power so I don’t think we need to worry about it. I’m pretty sure it can go a full day without a charge, whichis what one can expect out a multi-tasking smart phone.

    • Thorpe

      HA! I have the G1. It came with a 1400mAh battery. Under normal use, meaning all the good stuff turned on, that batter is dead by my lunch break. I replaced it with the 2600mAh extended battery. Sure, its thicker. But it makes this phone everything it was meant to be. I can surf, talk, IM, and text all day. It finally hits the yellow battery meter around 10pm. With the 1400 i have a 10min phone conversation and im at 50%.

      • Dianne

        The G1 battery is 1150mAh. Also, the newer CPUs tend to be more efficient for the same amount of work — for example Droid also uses a 1400mAh battery, and gets quite good battery life.

        Of course these devices are not designed to be continuously used all day long, so if that is what you want, you are going to be disappointed. Given the resulting impact on device design and size, that is probably not a very large market to go after.

        And if a 10 minute phone conversation drains a 1400mAh battery by 50%, there is something really wrong with your phone and I would get it fixed. :p

        Anyway, there is a lot that impacts battery life of a phone; you really know very little just by knowing the battery size unless you are comparing against a very similar device.

  • just some dude

    no multi touch! i just lost interest, just a little.

    • Phawkes

      tons of android phones have "no" multitouch, somebody will def end up getting it on there though, heck look at the droid…

  • ari-free

    doesn't look like the 'google' phone that will change life on earth as we know it…just a good phone for t-mobile with the latest OS

  • ari-free

    “Super snappy!”

    good…good. The Be is back (quite a few Android engineers used to work for Be Inc)

  • jorgerivera

    So nice… but… I'm sad… no AT&T 3G capabilities… come on AT&T, get yourself a nice 3G android phone… pleeeeaseeeee….

    I mean… I will run for T-Mo or Verizon or whichever good carrier carries a good 3G android phone… but I'm stuck in Costa Rica's sole carrier, which uses the 850MHz HSDPA 3G band…

  • chewtoy

    Um, I think it's time we stop acting like TMO's network is 3G capable too. I mean good grief, I live in one of the big cities they actually do offer some 3G in, and sure, when you're on 3G it's fast, but step a few feet to the left and there's a really good chance you're no longer in 3G… so you may as well just be on the AT&T network. 🙁

    I want a phone that gets good ROAMING 3G — or I want TMO to step up and realize that we don't need them to spend their money on making the few 3G towers they already have FASTER — what we need is for them to make the NON-3G towers INTO 3G. Their existing coverage seriously sucks. If Verizon was comparing themselves in the Droid commercials to TMO instead of AT&T, people would be confused because the TMO map would look like just a white outline of the US.

    It's very frustrating that my wife listened to my excitement over the G1 when it was about to come out and then jumped to TMO, only to find out that 1) they had no 3G here until July or so, and 2) the 3G covers a radius of only like 15 miles.

    • JustAPhoneUser

      Well, I live in LA, and I can say that I have GREAT T-mobile 3g coverage. It is literally everywhere I go, and I am always running faster then my ATT colleagues. I do admit that I would like to have Verizon 3g when driving up the coast, but the price…. Both ATT and Verizon cost way more, and for what? When I spend 90% of my time somewhere in the 100 square miles of madness that is LA, I can honestly say T-mobile is does the job. I am sure that most big city people can say the same by now… And NOW they just may have a good phone!

    • chefgon

      I live about two hours west of Cleveland and I get pretty good 3G coverage (including full bars down in my basement, even) though there are some spots inside the building I work in where coverage is less than great.

  • Deej

    I can't wait to see it and hopefully upgrade from what I have now. Which I love. BUT this seems like the phone I've been waiting for.

  • i tried this man.. cool..