Beautiful Widgets Are Back


A few days ago, HTC served LevelUp studios a cease and desist order regarding their Beautiful Widgets. The company claimed that the Beautiful Widgets were too similar their own, which were designed for phones with Sense UI. LevelUp promptly obliged and removed the product, only to return today with a revamped look that doesn’t step on HTC’s toes. I was particularly disappointed to see the C&D go out, if only because that was the first I had learned of Beautiful Widgets. Now that it’s back in the market, I eagerly purchased a copy, and while there’s something to be said for the nostalgia of a flip clock (I have one on my desk) the new look is fantastic.

Beautiful Widgets can be found in the Android market for .99 Euro.

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  1. toots
    December 19, 00:29 Reply

    WOW! that's about $140!!!!!

    • TimHarrison
      December 19, 01:08 Reply

      Haha, oh dear, I missed the decimal. Sorry for the mix up!

  2. VicMatson
    December 19, 01:15 Reply

    You must work for Verizon, they don't know what 1/10 of a cent is either.

    But, at first I didn't like the new widget, then I switched to a darker wallpaper and all is well.

  3. Todd Randolph
    December 19, 10:16 Reply

    kinda bummed with the new look – I had an unhealthy affection for the flipclock look. so I switched over to weather widget donate. is there a used apparently marketplace?

  4. momo
    December 19, 16:02 Reply

    is the one on the right the old and the left the new?
    or are they both versions of the new one?
    or neither?
    wtf, thanks for all the info

  5. Valerie
    December 19, 18:04 Reply

    You can have both! Just download 'Weather Widgets' to get the flip clock. I change my phone's look daily, and I like the look of both of these.

  6. netbookHüllen
    December 21, 05:25 Reply

    WOW,thats great.If a new mindset comes about where people and small businesses in general understand and easily grasp the benefits of using widgets or providing them on their websites for others to utilize we will see a an overwhelming evolution in the kind of widgets provided, the numbers of them in use, and the inteligence of their practicality

  7. arieff
    June 26, 16:13 Reply

    kinda bummed with the new look – I had an unhealthy affection for the flipclock look. so I switched over to weather widget donate. is there a used apparently marketplace?

  8. farhad
    July 07, 07:35 Reply

    nice widget.. love the clock..

  9. Dr Suzanne Gudakunst
    October 31, 09:27 Reply

    Cool and awesome information! Beautiful Widgets are back and can be found in the Android market for .99 Euro only. Thanks.

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