Motorola Devour to be Droid’s Little Brother

motorola_devourPhoneArena is reporting today that the Motorola A555 Calgary will now be named the Devour.  We did a quick check in the US Trademark Database and found that Motorola filed for a trademark on ‘Devour’ back in May.

We’d previously reported that this would be the little brother to Verizon’s Droid handset. It appears that this will still be the case. Expect Android 2.1-based MotoBlur on the Devour when it arrives. As of now, the launch has yet to be announced or even rumored.

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  1. ari-free
    December 18, 19:05 Reply

    it's important that cheaper phones still have the latest OS version

  2. @j10jep2
    December 18, 21:24 Reply

    "NOTE: The views and expressions found in reviews and our opinion/editorial columns do not reflect those of AndroidGuys as a whole. Please consider this before leaving comments and/or contacting us. If you agree or disagree with something the author says, please take that up with them."

    kinda funny when i look up to the author and it says AndroidGuys

  3. chefgon
    December 20, 21:26 Reply

    Unlike HTC Sense, MotoBlur is actually a pretty good motivator AGAINST getting a phone for me.

  4. @gltovar
    December 21, 09:28 Reply

    I don't understand I thought Motorola was on the brink of death… so their new game plan was to not flood the market with phones (similar to what nokia does). Why are there so many new motos coming out? the droid it pretty fantastic…

  5. @joanneholfmann
    February 08, 15:50 Reply

    I say flood the market with Android. The more phone styles there are the more niche markets Android will saturate, the wider the user base = the better the apps! I’m very happy with the Droid hardware wise. There’s always room for improvement with any piece of technology, but overall very pleased. Now I’m just getting excited watching the Market grow, the apps getting more solid, and the app options becoming more high calibur.

    Seeing Moto Devour landing on sub-100 will be sweet. Details:

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