Change the Way You Look at Your Music Collection with ‘museek’

museekHere at AndroidGuys, we love to showcase applications that we think exemplify some of the cool things that Android handsets are capable of.  Such is the case with music application, museek.  Designed as part of a research project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)  the app puts an innovative spin on your music collection. 

As opposed to traditional music apps, museek is able to determine similarities between your songs and provide you new, intuitive ways of finding other .  This similarity mapping helps you explore new music from other artists based on your personal collection.

Say for instance you start off with a rock song and decide that’s not what you feel like listening to.  Once you skip it, museek brings up another style of music.  It will repeat this until you find a song that you don’t skip.  At this point, the player will bring up more music in that genre.

Another great feature is an automatically generated tag cloud which lets you jump right to a particular genre or sub-genre.  Just like you find with most websites, the more you have of one style, the bigger the tag is.  We almost forgot to mention how great museek looks doing it!  There are 2D and 3D maps that make browsing and exploring music considerably more fun than your current player.


For more information, please visit the product page at  There’s also a dedicated page for the musicexplorer research project.  Currently, the app is in beta so the developers would love to get some feedback.

  • HereAndNow

    It definitely looks interesting!

  • Ratnok

    Wow. A 2 star app. Exciting.

  • CSM

    Force Closed everytime! Horrible App

  • Peter

    Amazing! FC within 30 secons on my G1….. Did the AndroidGuys test this themselves?

  • KarateR0bot

    heres the thing, its being demoed on a htc hero. i dont know if it works only on the hero but im guessing so seeing as no one (including myself) can get it to work with any phone

  • awesome it doesnt work at all for anyone

  • We are really sorry for publishing museek with such a serious bug. There was a systematical error in in our testing procedures. A new version (v0.912 at the moment), that has to be reinstalled, is in the market now. If new errors should occur, we would be thankful for LogCat outputs, as we can not always reproduce an error.

  • ferrera

    i downloaded the new version, and like it.

  • spencer

    Looks cool, but it WILL NOT work on my G1! It has a constant force close

  • chefgon

    I haven't tried it, but I don't really dig the concept. My music collection (at least the subset that fits on the 8gb of storage on my phone) is neither varied enough or well-tagged enough to support this kind of interface. I'd rather use music discovery services like Pandora that do a similar thing as this but apply their algorithms to a very large and accurately tagged library of music.

    • It performs a statistical analysis of data to compute the music similarity and the tags. This information is fetched by the app during the import of the library, which means that your songs should have the artist, title and album tagged correctly – the rest is done by the app.

  • Just tried it on my droid. runs pretty well on it. I only have like 12 albums on it so the mapping was a bit sparse, though i notices a few missing album covers… do the app check art in the mp3 files or just from cuz all my albums have the art in the files (except for 1)

    I noticed there was no explicit quit option. Also I am unsure if its scrobbing to So if those were resolved, i'd use this app for my primary music player. If you added an EQ I'd even pay for it! (though seems easier said than done, seeing the existing EQs in the market)

    Oh yeah, the haptic feed back from zooming feels unique. I like it, kind of feels like elastic or something (to me).

    • (not to looks stupid replying to my self) but I woke up this morning and found and update… which added a close button and better album art… wow thanks!

  • claubar

    I've just downloaded the latest version, and it works great for me. I really love this app!!!

  • nice i love this app..