First Glimpes of Espresso Sense UI



The first few images of Android 2.1 and Sense UI hit the net around 3 weeks ago.  Shortly after, the ROM was leaked to forums for users to download.  Inside this ROM was a lineup of upcoming HTC handsets and codenames.  Among them was ‘Espresso’.  Today finds news of a handful of some alleged Espresso screen images.  Whether this is a follow up to Sense UI or just a slightly modified experience remains to be seen.

What’s your take on the bubbles that surround the icon? A nice touch or a waste of space?

Source: HTCPedia (requires registration) via AndroidCentral


  1. I'm not a big fan of custom UIs since companies take too long to get them updated, but the old Sense UI looks way better than this, this feels a little bit like going back… just my opinion

  2. let android be android by letting the users customize the home screens/s the way they want to or it will be similar to the other one.

    • For sure HTC isn't smoking "that" much crack and check all the icons they look old compared to the icons these pics have to be old or photoshopped

  3. I agree with @ArtemR. HTC has a pretty good track record of making great looking UIs. Unless they have made some staff changes and the new manager is an idiot there is no way this can be a final product.

  4. – Yeah, nothing for HTC to copy iPhone, nothing for HTC to produce something that ugly. Even their windows mobile custom UI is looking much better.
    – And indeed, these are 1.5 icons, not 2.0

    So i'm 90% sure that some whizkid just designed a theme for aHome or so and this is his (succesfull) viral promotion.

    It is quite scary though, so let's pray this isn't a real screenshot :-D.

  5. sure fake , please a little more filtering of news , dont post every shit floating by on twitter , this drags down this whole site !

    the headline alone : "First Glimpes of Espresso Sense UI" …. not even a question mark … seriously guys ….. starting to question why i am wasting my time on such an amateurish site…

  6. johnkzin nailed it — looks like HTC is trying to bring a lil' bit of iPhone OS to the already-handsome Sense-infused Android OS. Please, HTC, do NOT iPhone-isize Sense!