No Donuts For Canadians (Confirmed)


Just as “Android in Canada” put it, get ready for a slap in the face my fellow igloo dwelling, beaver loving friends.

While many Canadians have opted to root their device and use whatever ROM they please, it turn out the long awaited 1.6 “Donut”  update will not be available to both the Roger’s HTC Dream and Magic devices. According to the HTC Mobile Support website:

Can I upgrade my Rogers Magic device to Android 1.6?

HTC is not currently planning any Android 1.6 upgrades for Rogers Dream or Magic. Android 1.6 was only made available for “Google”-branded devices such as the G1. It is not available for HTC-branded products such as the Dream or Magic, which use Android 1.5. We believe that Android 1.5 is a stable and reliable software platform that delivers a terrific user experience.

While version 1.5 “Cupcake” was stable, it does not include a lot of features required by many popular Android apps. While many will say that the Dream and Magic are fairly old devices, in today’s fast-paced world of technology it is still hard to swallow with the lack of other Android options available to Canadians.

Source: HTC via Androinica

  • Not too mention that Rogers still has not provided access to paid apps either.

  • But savvy users can pretty easily root and flash their own, no?

  • Manny

    Maybe it will go to Eclair once it is released for other HTC devices.

  • A.L

    Why is this is even news? Eclair supercedes Donut and the Hero is getting Eclair (see They will most likely be rolling out the same for all the other HTC devices.

    • HereAndNow

      I agree. In fact, I would be more interested in getting a 2.0/2.1 upgrade than 1.6.

      People need to be a little more patient. It takes time, to upgrade a customized build to a new release…especially when functionality in the new release conflicts/overlaps with some of the customizations.

      People should be happy that upgrades happen at all. In the not too distant past, you had to buy a new device, to get the latest functionality.

      • Matt

        People should be happy that upgrades happen at all. In the not too distant past, you had to buy a new device, to get the latest functionality.

        You don't think that's what they're trying to get you to do now?

  • snctln

    I am always so confused when people say that HTC does not have access to Andorid 1.6 or they cannot get sense to work with Android 1.6 when the HTC Tattoo (the first qvga android device to my knowledge) runs android 1.6 because 1.5 only supports hvga screens. Just seems odd to me that no one ever mentions that.

  • chrisyak

    Rogers, Rogers, Rogers…….

    Well the Revolution did not last long, further proof that all you want is our money and really don't care about your customers…….

    I am embarrassed that i once again have been bent over a barrel by Rogers….

    I guess Rogers really does not care to catch on the android wave and support their products they would just rather sell us new phones. Well all this negative publicity in regards to android will cause new users to look elsewhere due to the lack of support and spend their money with another company. I have no desire to support Rogers when they will not even stand by their own products.

    They wonder why people are look for alternatives to the big 3 ,well this is just one of many reasons why.

    This experience has left me a much more educated buyer and i will not spend my hard earned money with robbers anymore.

    1.6 should not even be a question they should be working on getting 2.0… too much……


    Well all the blame cannot go to Rogers either cause at the end of the day this is a HTC phone and is obvious they just want to sell handsets but by allowing carriers to not provide updates for the phones they certainly are hurting their image and will cause android users to look at others brands as well.

    Google, Google, Google

    Great OS but…….You need to learn a thing or two from the iphone and that you need to rollout these updates across the board on these phones just not ones you brand and make. Failing to do so is a major mistake and will cost you in the long run. While android may be taking off and getting a larger market share how do you think the sales are going to be in a few years when android owners are tired of being handcuffed from the carriers and manufactures of your phones by poor support….I love my android phone but i tell you a unlocked iphone is looking allot more attractive to me specially in the long run….

    In the mean time putting pressure on Rogers and all the negative press they are going to receive on this and loss of revenue may force their hands to get them off their cheap lazy butts and do something about this issue…

    All i have to say is thank god my contract is up this summer ….nexus, wind, dave, public will all get a chance to get my money since Rogers has proven all they care about is your money not customer satisfaction.

  • Things have changed luckily since this article was originally posted.