Borders Partnering With Kobo To Deliver E-Books To Android Devices


Borders Group, Inc. announced recently that they will be partnering with Kobo, Inc. to bring eBooks to mobile devices-including Android. Kobo, Inc., a global eReading service, will power a Borders eBook store that will allow users to download eBooks to mobile devices of all platforms. Through the partnership, users will be able to access books from in the near future. I for one am certainly looking forward to the moment this store opens.  I should also note that  for those of you who are unfamiliar with Kobo, they currently have an excellent app already in the Android Market titled “Shortcovers”, which allows users to build and access a digital library on their mobile device.  I find it extremely valuable and definitely recommend it.

  • Hi,
    Thats great .I would like to wish to Borders Group to get success in this.I love to read eBooks as they are very helpful now as they will be available on mobile devices.This will have great success in future.

  • Jordan

    Just downloaded the Shortcovers app and it seems to work really well. Not as many free books as I was hoping for, but great selection of paid books.

  • someone

    Reading the reviews of Shortcovers on the market shows that it is FAR from the best ebook reader on Android. Also, it doesn't seem to support any non-proprietary formats such as epub or others, so bringing your own books is not allowed either. Why people buy into proprietary lock-in is beyond me. Pass.

  • JoeJack

    I refuse to pay for books if I'm forced to read them within Shortcovers crappy eReader. Not to mention, no capability to read on laptop (and sync bookmarks). They need to steal some ideas from Aldiko. They have a large userbase and consistently get the best reviews. Why aren't they making any of these content deals???