December 19, 2014

Did Google Shut Down

evil_google_logo1Those of you following the Android news last week will no doubt recall the slow trickle of videos coming out of overnight blog,  It seemed not a day went by without at least one picture or video coming from the site, seemingly toying with fans.  To some observers, it looked like the site was doing everything they could to generate page views, and in turn, ad revenue.  After a string of videos that really didn’t offer anything new up, it was becoming obvious they were trying to capitalize off the yet-to-be announced phone.  Then suddenly, it all stopped.

what would you like today? pictures of the back or front of the Nexus One?

That’s the last original tweet to come from the twitter account.  You’ll find that if you try to visit the site, it  doesn’t even exist any longer.  The YouTube channel has also disappeared and the links are all dead.  So the question becomes, “Who shut the site down and why?”

The most obvious answer would seem Google.  As each day passed, we were being treated to a little bit more from the blog.   It wouldn’t be long until something came out that ruined somebody’s plans or wasted someone else’s money.  Intentional or not, the chances were pretty good that something vital would surface and messed things up.  So if not Google, then who?  A carrier?  HTC?  A unknown partner?

Frankly, we’re not surprised this happened already.  If this is a big as we’re expecting it to be, Google will want to take every effort to protect their interests.

Thanks to Brenda for the tip.

  • htceros

    Yes, their twitter account also disapear. For sure they are google employes.

  • fort

    First Love the Google Icon. I was wondering what happen to that site. Hum.

  • kelp

    The site is gone now.Nexus One is Google’s attempt to move the platform distribution from the version 1.6 and earlier to 2.0 or later

  • ridwan

    realy..oh no

  • sandy


  • utari, google devil..great!!

  • hendro


  • tee are

    i think the reason is not logical


    oh no..

  • Mutia

    What?? What happened?

  • arieff

    First Love the Google Icon. I was wondering what happen to that site. Hum.

  • ardhan

    i want it,,, nice design nice fiture :D

  • doris

    What?? What happened?

  • ken

    Can i use this image… is it royalty free ???