So Just How Good is the Xperia X10 Camera?


Of all the yet-to-be-launched Android handsets, none can match the anticipation level of the Xperia X10 from Sony Ericsson.  OK, so there is one other phone.  While we wait to find out which carrier(s) will offer the phone, the hands-on experiences are starting to trickle in.  We’re getting to see the phone in action and get a good feel for how the phone works.  However, there’s still one question that hasn’t been answered yet.  How good is that 8.0 mega-pixel camera?

Julian from passed us some photos he took with a review unit that he was able to procure.  He snapped a little over a dozen pictures and we’ve got three below.  We encourage you to check out the full galleries found here and here.

On a side note, he also tells us that the Timescape app within the phone seems to be faster, and more responsive than he expected.  You’ll find his clip at the bottom of this post.


  1. II have tested the X10 hands on it is really slick. The camera is fast and takes good pictures (I am not a photo expert but definitely good enough for me).

  2. Ok I like that its got a nice 3d ui and all and i like that its not a full ui revamp like sense its just mainly a built in app ui overhaul if that makes sense… and i like that alot. what I don't like however is that it apears to be running on android 2.0 or behind read: app drawer. So what will they be doing about 2.1 which does away with the drawer for a more asthetically pleasing pop in? will it get the upgrade or will it have to wait for sony ericcson to put it together for us which we all know won't happen. Lets face it, its sony…