ustwo Launches the ‘Dot’ on Android – World’s First “48 Hour App”

thedotMobile software developers, ustwo, are announcing the creation of the Dot, the world’s first ’48 hour app’. In the span of 48 hours, ustwo came up with the concept, design, development, and marketing! If the name ‘ustwo’ sounds familiar, it’s because they are the creators behind of the popular MouthOff app.

So what is the Dot all about? Here’s the description given to us:

You are the white dot struggling to survive. Your goal is to eat all the blue dots possible – preventing you from shrinking to nonexistence. You must avoid the red triangles at all costs. These will make you shrink, edging closer to certain doom. Last as long as you can.

The Dot is just one part of a planned suite of apps from ustwo called 48hApps.  Each of the titles will follow the same pattern of creating simple, stunning, and addictive games.  You can get The Dot for 99¢ today in the Android Market.

screenShot_03 screenShot_02

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  • So it's basically fl0w, Osmos, or any of the other "eat these to advance, but avoid these" games.

    There was one for Apple IIe that I really liked back in the day. You were a fish and had to eat smaller fish until you were big enough to knock over a fishing boat. You'd randomly die sometimes because the boat would hook you if you were too close to the top of the water/screen.

  • Wilhelm