Nexus One Video Walkthrough


We’ve seen bootup videos of the Nexus One but nothing quite as long as today’s cinematic masterpiece.  In all honesty, it’s grainy, blurry, and hastily thrown together but we don’t care.  Check out a 5:00 walkthrough video of the Nexus One!  Somebody in France has been playing with the Le Google Phone in front of a camera! [VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP]

Thanks to our Benjamin for the find!


  1. It seems to perform exactly the same as my Droid … Same speed where the Droid delivers speed, same choppiness in the browser etc. Just the home screen seems smooth like PandaHome smooth but that is because of the 2.0.1 and so also 2.1 (Nexus) firmware.

    I understand people jumping on the "Google Phone" hype but to be honest (without sounding too pessimistic I hope) it is more likely this is just another act like the G1 and such … prototyping a phone that will eventually be released like any other "with Google"-phone in order for Google to tighten the reins on the direction which the Android platform is taking.

    Personally, I love any Android handset since the very G1 was released and this phone is no exception, but this video makes me glad I did not wait and got the Droid instead. Same performance, superior hardware (for me, since it has a keyboard which makes the phone so much more usable for me).

    And as for the "please tell me the video wasn't recorded by a Nexus" well good news – just check the reflection of the Nexus and you see what looks more like the shape of a Hero… Certainly not an iPhone

    • You hit the nail right on the head. There is no "Google Phone". This is simply another phone Google is using for testing out Android builds. And the fact that it uses T Mobile's 3G frequencies and not AT&T's proves it. And Google will set it to devs, not the general public, just like it has done with the 2 previous phones that went on to be sold by TMo.

  2. how is it that there are 1000 of these out in the world, and this is the first and (regrettably ) best video we have of this. I'd love to see the non disclosure form that they had to sign that scared ppl this much

    • " … I'd love to see the non disclosure form that they had to sign that scared ppl this much … "

      How about being un-employeed?
      Google, as well as any other large corporatation, has their NDA for a reason.
      Go against them, and risk losing one of the best jobs in the nation.

  3. well, this confirms its speed for me. going into widgets/applications is awfully long on droid, but fast as hell on this. try it on the droid and you'll see.

  4. Why do people keep comparing this to the Droid? If you have a Droid keep it and be happy with it. It's a great phone! But, so is the Nexus One.

  5. love this new phone. touch screen is great, processor is faster and i love the email and internet on it. texting is surprisingly easy for a touch screen too. love the htc apps and games are fun for when i'm bored. still like my iphone more though go figure. got my last couple unlocked cell phones at and everything was fine. 2 thumbs up love the phone