Giz Editor Plays with Nexus One, Shares Impressions

Let’s just this right off the top.  If there is anyone in Northeastern Ohio with a Nexus One, email me.  I will drive to meet you.  I can’t take the jealousy that’s boiling up inside of me.

Jason Chen, an editor for Gizmodo, just gloated to shared with his readers that he was able play with a Nexus One and put it through some paces.  Naturally, he wasn’t able to take any pictures.  We’ve gone through and pulled out the quotes we think you’ll enjoy the most.

  • It’s basically, from my time with it, Google’s Droid killer. It’s thin, it’s fast, it’s better in every way.
  • The phone is slightly thinner than the iPhone 3GS, and slightly lighter.  The back is definitely not cheap and plasticky, like the iPhone’s backing, and feels like some sort of rubbery material. So, not smooth like the iPhone, but not as rubbery as the Droid. It’s halfway in-between.
  • It feels long and silky and natural in your hand—even more so than the iPhone 3GS.
  • Even though the screen is the same size and same resolution as the Droid, it’s noticeably better. The colors are much more vibrant and the blacks are blacker…made the Droid seem washed out. The same feeling carries over when you compare the Nexus with the iPhone 3GS.   This is probably the best screen we’ve seen on a smartphone so far. Probably.
  • Nexus One is astonishingly faster than the Droid.
  • Even though it doesn’t have a hardware keyboard, it basically beats the hell out of the Droid in every single task that we threw at it.

Chen does speak more in-depth about the internet experience, noting that it bests the iPhone and Droid in almost all tests.  As we’ve heard whispered, the animated backgrounds are interactive and could  make for some fun, interactive apps.  The camera and speakers are good, not great, with both about what most smart phones are offering.   As mentioned by others, the browser does not have multitouch.

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  1. momo
    December 23, 16:05 Reply

    oh thanks for the "it's better than droid" review?

    and how is this googles droid killer? wouldn't it be htc's droid killer? since droid is a phone manufactured by motorolla and they both run android?

    so thanks for letting us know that the 1ghz snapdragon processor made it faster than the 550mhz in the droid, we wouldn't have ever known!

    • omom
      December 23, 16:11 Reply

      oh "thanks" for your "illuminating" comment. It "really" adds a "lot" to the discussion.

      so thanks for letting us know how snarky and superior you are, we wouldn't have ever known!

      • colindean
        December 23, 16:15 Reply

        I wish you weren't anonymous so that I could give you more props.

    • Casey Borders
      December 23, 16:12 Reply

      What's with the sarcasm and snarkiness? If you don't care about peoples' impressions of the Nexus One, then quit reading articles that are based on peoples' impressions of the Nexus One!

    • Bob
      December 23, 16:12 Reply

      The phone was reviewed by Jason Chen, an editor for Gizmodo, not android guys. You sir, are an ass. No need to shoot the messenger.

  2. colindean
    December 23, 16:16 Reply

    How's the battery life? That's the thing that I really want to hear about.

    The Nexus One may be awesome, but I want a Nexus Two with a real keyboard and a rollerball like on the G1. I don't care if it's a slider or a wing (I honestly prefer the wing…less sturdy but so much more flashy).

  3. brianhyp
    December 23, 11:44 Reply

    The droid is the best phone available right now. When the nexus one is available for tmobile the new iphone will be out for verizon and the droid 2 will be out as well.

  4. TareX
    December 23, 19:16 Reply

    All I want is a stupid video call cam (a la X10) and a keyboard for emulators…

    Otherwise, Bravo seems like a better choice than Nexus, so far… and who knows what NVIDIA has in store with its Tegra 2 platform…

  5. Ratnok
    December 23, 14:46 Reply

    Nexus One is NOT a “Droid Killer”. Nothing will kill either the Droid or the Droid Eris, just like nothing will kill the iPhone. There is enough market share for everybody (except Windows Mobile). Is it me, or does the Xperia X10 look much better? Larger screen, equal processor, better camera, better media player, etc. Plus, the Xperia has a better aesthetic.

  6. Changez Shaikh
    December 23, 22:14 Reply

    I do not understand this, barring the 1ghz processor, this thing is running android 2.1 so maybe its the os that makes it faster and not the hardware!!…this is like comparing a two PCs' running windows 95 and windows 7 and saying that the second one is faster and is the killer of the first one….CRAP!!

    • ari-free
      December 23, 22:37 Reply

      even if droid had same OS/cpu, nexus may be faster because everything is optimized better

    • MachineDog
      December 26, 03:48 Reply

      We actually have an android 2.1 ROM on the droid now. People are saying it is a lot faster than 2.0, but I personally do not notice a difference. It could be that it's the OS though. I don't know what they could possibly be talking about when they say that the keyboard is so much better. The android 2.1 virtual keyboard is exactly the same as the virtual keyboard on android 2.0 which the droid has stock, and it's the same screen size. The only thing I see that this phone has over the droid is an AMOLED screen and no physical keyboard for those that like it, and probably some more speed from the processor (It IS faster, mind you. and considering the speed boost from MSM7200/7600 to the 550MHz Cortex-A8 in the droid, I'm going to bet it is a lot faster. That's not to say I would dropkick the droid, the droid is a beast and will be for a long time.

  7. webby
    December 23, 23:42 Reply

    Sounds hot, but if it's on T-Mobile's network, no thanks — I had the G1 on T-Mo and left to get the Droid on VZ, partly for the much faster Droid, but also because I was disappointed in the very thin T-Mo 3G network, even in cities where they have coverage. I am excited about the N1, but would never go back to T-Mobile to get it.

    • Inhuman
      December 24, 04:49 Reply

      I live in LA and only verizon beats tmobile coverage.
      Plus im paying half of what verizon and att costomers pay.
      Dont know why people are ok with getting ripped off. Although i do understand if you live in the middle of nowhere.

      • Guest
        December 25, 04:31 Reply

        Some people don't mind paying a little more for a much larger network. If you live in one area and don't go anywhere outside your moderately sized bubble, enjoy the smaller networks. Those who need coverage in more places need a larger network (Verizon in your area).

        Also, Verizon is actually profitable, where Tmobile and Sprint are struggling. That gives them money to keep their networks more up to date and ever expanding which is good for their customers.

  8. Rob
    December 26, 07:14 Reply

    I doubt many people (outside of Vivid Video) would want to be known as "Giz Editor". You could of put "Giz Editor plays with new unit"…I would of LOLed all through Xmas with that one.

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