Motorola Cliq is Latest Android Handset to Get Rooted


A handful of modders over at ModMyMoto have announced they’ve been able to get root access for the Motorola Cliq. As is the case with nearly all rootings, the process is rather involved. Don’t forget kids, there’s always the risk of bricking your phone if you take things into your own hand.

The Motoblur UI that’s loaded on the Cliq is built off of Android 1.5 so there are plenty of newer, fancier ROMs to flash. How long until we see video of a Cliq running Android 2.1? Any guesses?


  1. Actually because of the way motorola did their update process there is no way to actually brick the cliq. TheDude who's root method you linked actually bricked his device while rooting the cliq. He was able to flash back to stock everytime and start over.

    • You can brick a cliq, it's just extremely hard to do. Most anything can be recovered, but it is brick-able. Just don't want anyone to go out there playing if they don't know what they're doing and get messed up is all.