Mplayit Launches Android App Store

Mplayit, the worlds largest mobile app store has made a better way to view applications in the Android Market. Already selling apps for a number of different platforms such as Apple, Blackberry, Android get the Facebook treatment. Their website, is an application hosted on Facebook. This allows users to share and review applications among friends and the whole Facebook community.

Michael Powers the founder and CEO of Mplayit says “App discovery on Android is frankly a mess… and we’re bringing that know-how to the Android app marketplace.” The main page shows an “Apptivity Feed” (creative) that shows you which apps are being viewed or played. It also allows a collection of apps for your peers to see and the ability to share via twitter. For each app there is a description, image, comments, and some have YouTube videos describing the app.

When you find an app you want, you can either scan the QR Code or have the link E-mailed to your phone. It’s definitely worth a look, I’ve already found some apps that I might have never seen in the market.

Sources: PR Newswire

  • Not yet another Market!

  • roy

    Its not really a new market is it?

    It is more of an advanced browser for the default android market…

  • Yes, it's an Android Market browser. But it may show some apps that are not on the Android Market as well… i don't know.

    I never put my app on Mplayit, but is shows up on Mplayit. When trying to buy it, it gives you a QR code or an e-mail link to the Android Market.

  • Hi,
    For finding applications of the iPhone there are also other ways but really Android is on the brink of prime time. It will be the single biggest audience for mobile applications in the very near future, and Mplayit will play a major role in helping those users find great applications.

  • Richard Perry

    Does this market have a theocratic ministry. School timer for android user like iPhone

  • Very good!

  • yeah i love it so much..

  • We love mplayit. What an awesome idea. Android really needed this.

  • I am really excited about Mplayit the worlds largest mobile app store which has made a better way to view applications in the Android Market.  thanks for sharing all about it.

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