‘NPR News’ Arrives for Android!

We previously reported that the official NPR application for Android would be coming this month and it appears that time has come.  Those of you who stopped in the Android Market today might have come across the NPR News app as it was released earlier this afternoon. The free title gives listeners all the great shows you’ve come to enjoy over the years as well as some great Android-only features. 

Thanks to the way Android works, the NPR News app can run in the background of your phone, allowing users to toggle between other apps while shows play.  Each of the topics listed offer anywhere from 10-20 topics that day and give users the ability to listen or read their news.   Using the location-based services in the phone, NPR News can locate over 600 Station Listening Choices from around the country!  Although the app doesn’t allow it currently, live station streaming is promised for Spring 2010!

  • Brian

    Just downloaded the app. It seems to be perfect for my tastes.
    #1. I just love NPR. I listen to it in the car and I subscribe to the hourly news podcast, story of the day, and wait, wait, don't tell me. This includes all of them!
    #2. Combines audio and text feeds into the program. I can listen when I've got headphones or while in the car. I can read when I'm at work or don't have headphones.

    Highly recommended.

  • Valerie

    couldn't. care. less.

    • webby

      I could care less about NPR than you could …

  • This is just terrific. A huge fan of NPR and an even huger fan of Tell Me More (Love Michelle Martin) this is music to my ears.

    Tested it out after reading the article and its spot on for what I would want.

  • Izel

    Sweet, been waiting for an official NPR app. Keeps me posted on whats going on in the world and local =-)

  • ambarish malpani

    Any idea why I can't find Marketplace on this app?

  • Yeah, i've been waiting for the app.. Where i can found the app?