Rumor: LG Prada 3 Headed to Sprint with Android Power

Here’s a random rumor from left field that just might make actually pan out. We’re hearing from a couple of places today that LG‘s next PRADA handset will be Android-based and run on Sprint‘s network. Dubbed PRADA 3, the chatter has pegged the phone with a full QWERTY and touch screen. This would mark the first time the luxury handset would be paired up with a carrier as previous iterations have been SIM-free and unlocked.

Word around campfire is that the PRADA will be at CES 2010 in January, LG and Sprint have scheduled a joint event.

Thanks to ‘wen’ for the tip!

Does Android need a luxury phone? What would be more luxurious than an Xperia X10 or Nexus One?

  • An Andrpoid Powered Prada 3 is literally a wish come true for me. The Prada was an amazing, even though it lacked such functionality of smartphones today. The Prada 2 was quite a nice step up, but needed a little something extra (besides a bigger screen.) and I always thought Android would fit the bill. I've bought the Prada 1 twice. (lost my first one at a bar on my birthday) but it's the only phone I have ever bought twice, and it's not because of the logo (it rubs off quite easy after a while) It was it's simplicity, and I find it my more attractive than many phones I've seen, and i'd take it over an iphone anyday. (yeah crazy, right?) I think Android needs a real luxury phone, and if one of the Prada phones actually makes it Stateside, I think It will do great!

  • Ratnok

    I hope this isn’t a real pic- it looks EXACTLY like the Samsung Behold 1.

  • Really guys, I submitted a post to you guys and you couldnt even be nice enough to tag it back to me. I guess I wont anymore

  • tiana

    this may be the phone i have been waitin for. why cant it be for tmobile they r cheaper. still get it no matter where it comes out. hopefully its as good as it looks.

  • Hi,
    Really I can not believe this news.The above picture is absolutely fake..