Nearly 150,000 Android Apps Predicited by End of 2010

There’s no doubt that the Android Market is taking off.  It seems not a week goes by without some report indicating more adoption and developer interest.  The latest one we’ve come across seems to indicate a ridiculous amount of development is right around the corner.  Mobile analytics firm Flurry is predicting that by this time next year, there could be upwards of 150,000 Android applications.

In an interview with Business Week,  Flurry Inc. CEO  Simon Khalaf said that thanks largely to marketing campaigns by Verizon and Motorola, “a lot of developers have come onto the Android platform.”  Khalaf forecasts 100,000-150,000 applications by the end of next year.  As for Apple?  Flurry is expecting at least 300,00 by then.

How do you feel about that figure?  Is that about what you’d expect or are they being a little too ambitious?

  • Jon

    The number seems reasonable considering the upcoming influx of Android phones coming out. App developers will be more likely to develop things for Android if there are more phones out there. That's the economic answer though.

  • Destry

    I'd prefer quality over quantity. There are 1,000 apps that control screen brightness. There are 1,000 apps that turn off GPS. There are 1,000 apps that turn off WiFi. The iPhone has 1,000 apps that make fart noises. Seems a bit redundant (and senseless).

    • Agree…. 150,000 apps will mean lots of duplicate or completely useless apps. One things is certain, is that it will be more and more difficult for developer to come up with new ideas.

      • bandi87

        It's not the ideas. believe me, i'm a developer and "new ideas" isn't an issue. the main problem is the limits of the android platform from the point of view of a developer(at least until now…2.0 seems to be finally something good) and the poor design of the android market. unfortunately that is the greatest drawback..but hey..there's time…and we can hope for the best 😀

  • webby

    I'm sure by the time there are that many apps, there will be dozens of apps to gauge "how we feel about that many apps" … LOL

  • jeremy

    I would like to know what your issues with the Android Market are. So far they have improved it by 300%. It is up to developers to make some unique and useful apps, not just bad ports.

  • ari-free

    hmm I really want Softmaker Office. It's the most powerful 'MS Office' I've seen so far on any mobile platform.

  • Hi,
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