Espresso’s Sense UI Captured on Video

While most of us were putting the finishing touches on wrapping gifts, some lucky fella spent his Christmas Eve playing with the new Espresso build of HTC‘s Sense UI on his Hero.  And in the spirit of giving, they decided to record the experience.  While the video is somewhat shaky and jumpy, we still get a sense (see what we did there?) for how HTC has evolved their experience.

CES 2010 is merely days away so we’re hoping to see this in an official capacity soon!

Thanks to all who sent this in to us.

  • I have to admit that i like the original version of sense much more.
    Especially I don’t like the border around the icons and the overall “squared” look the interface has now.

  • eMb

    I agree. New menu looks more iPhonish, I preferred the old one

  • My god these buttons look awful. HTC really isn't doing anyone a favour with this 'improvement'. I do hope one of their designers realizes this before they ship the new product.

  • 1 (tiny) improvement: the recently opened list in the pulldown bar; handy, better than the long press of the home button.
    But besides that, the bubble-squares are a step in the wrong direction. Hopefully HTC listens to it's customers / web fanbase and will remove the bubbles.

  • uk786

    no bubbles around the icons please HTC!!

  • Hmmm common HTC, u so much better than this bubbles¡¡

  • Andrew

    Those silly bubbles over the icons are absolutely hideous… PLEASE someone come to their senses and get rid of them, or I'm afraid I will be ditching Sense