LG LS680 Found in Sprint Inventory

Not a whole lot to report on this one other than the fact that LG has another Android handset on the way.  A Boy Genius Report tipster passed along a screen shot of the inventory system for Sprint which shows an LS680 listed.  There’s literally zero to accompany the screen shot so it’s all rumor and conjecture at this point.  If it’s anything like the previous LG handsets, it will have a slideout QWERTY keyboard and full touch screen.

We’ll keep an eye on this one and report whatever we learn.

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  • j.read

    I pray for a ‘hyper viewty’ with a beautiful camera, Divx and multitouch!

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    Thanks for the information.Before your post I was not aware about this.

  • Jackson

    If this is the LG prada 3 running on WiMAX Sprint is back into the wireless mobile conversation. They can really capture people with te blazing speeds and a real nifty device

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