Another Day, Another Nexus One Video

We don’t know how it happens, but the Nexus One appears to be landing in the hands of seemingly random users.  How or why this phone comes into the possession of this guys escapes us, but we don’t really care.  Today finds another 5 minutes of blurry and jittery arriving online.  Is it that hard to get this phone in front of a steady camera with someone who knows how to put it through the proper paces?  The sad part is, we sat through this entire video and would gladly watch another.

Take it from this guy – This is the best, best Android ever.

  • liran

    how you got it ?

  • sanibar


  • nate

    Could he be one of the "invitation only" people? Perhaps "invitation only" is open right now, with wider public release coming in January around the time of CES?

    • Interesting!! I hope so

  • eMb

    There's also a second movie
    Check 2nd half of it for photos and video made with Nexus One

  • Matt


  • The Barcode has already been shown in a picture somewhere else 🙂

  • barwin

    I want this phone so badly!!! I cannot wait till the 5th of january! I wanna have it right now! My God what a device… I hope they will actually start selling this baby on the 6th of january at 00.01 am in the Netherlands. I'll stay awake. Please Google, don't keep me waiting…

  • Hank

    The reason there are so many videos cropping up is because Googlers are wandering around with them and showing them to their friends and the like. I've gotten to play with two of them (most recently on a plane flight back home after xmas when I sat next to a Googler) and they're pretty cool. Can't wait to get one! 🙂

    AGuys, where're you based out of? If you're in the SF area, getting your hands on one is actually pretty straight forward.

  • Luis Lopez

    he has the strooongest mexican accent ever! lol… it was getting annoying,.. and im mexican.

  • jim

    jesus, why is it that the people who do these videos can't demo the new features? or at least not receive a phone call in the middle? shoot me.

  • nice stuff 😀

  • booyah!!!

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